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Knights Council First Meeting

- - - - - council knights meeting

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Report on Knights Council Meeting held on Thursday March 15

In attendance.

Lady Azaline [CS-B]

Lord Bevier [CS-B]

Sir Elion [E-V]

Evey [D*T]

Lady Flame [DrR]

Lady Tabbitha Greywolfe [KH]

Lord Gorthyn [SCT]

Elliot Heath [KH]

Sir Honir D'Argent [SCT]

Lady Gwen Irina [E-V]

Lady Sari-Liane [D*T]

Lord Manderville [KT]

Sir Matthias [DOT]

Lord Mhor [DrR]

Lord Taggart [KT]

Sir Pierre Vikor [DOT]

The meeting was opened by Lord Taggart,and chaired by Lady Tabbitha.

The goals of the Council were clearly laid down for all to be aware of.

A clear message was given out,that the increasing state of our lands,could continue no longer.

Evil was manifesting in many forms and sparing no village town or city, growing at an alarming rate.

Posted Image

Knights, having a common goal to protect and uphold the safety of all citizens,were therefore called upon to unite as one body to remove these threats.

It was recognised that this could bring conflict for some ,if their leaders and colleagues chose not to act as the Council advised.

However it was stressed that violence was not the first order og the Council,but rather,working with said leaders, to bring about an effective change,to better conditions for all.

Should any leaders refuse to recognise the concerns of the Council, and choose to support and nurture any evil pointed out to them,the Council would be left with no alternative but to take matters into their own hands and deal with the matter as they see fit.

Contact will be made initially,with those residing in any areas of concern,and an offer made to work with and support the Councils reccomendations.

This will be a one time meeting,with a decision made on that very day.Time is against us and endless meetings and discussions are no longer acceptable.

It is hoped no opposition to the Councils aims shall be met,and we can all work alongside each other to achieve our aims.

All leaders present agreed to put past differences aside and work as one ,to bring about the changes required.

Each Order represented,was asked to write down on parchment,any concerns they had identified for the Council to discuss.

Posted Image

Several problems noted,each one validated by the others present.

The first area to be dealt with was discussed,and two Council members have been sent to investigate the concerns submitted.

Their report,once received by Lady Tabbitha, will be forwarded to all Council members, and appropriate action planned and carried out.

Any Knights who were unable to attend the meeting,but wish to be considered as one of the Council,should contact Lady Tabbitha.

Any correspondence shall then be forwarded to those Orders also.

Thus ended the first meeting of the Knights Council.




    "Can Set Custom Title"

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  • 8,727 posts
  • LocationKinver,Staffordshire,England
To Lord Bevier and Sir Mathias.

Greetings Respected Council members.

I hope all is well with you both ,and you will soon be returning from your mission to Haven.

I am anxious for news of your findings and look forward to hearing from you soon

Lady Tabbitha
Knights Hospitaller


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