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News has reached the BNN that the Court Ambassador has successfully negotiated a reduction of forces with the Ophidian queens, after turning over the “Zenith Scion,” an artifact the Ophidians seemed desperate to gain back. Readers may remember that its theft from the Ophidians allegedly sparked what has now been one of the most prolonged wars Britannia has seen in modern times.


Other news indicates that a special gathering of mages from Wind has managed to restore teleportation and protection spells around the cities of Skara Brae, Serpent’s Hold, and Vesper. However, Papua remains isolated both magically and by the remnants of the withdrawing Ophidian army, and we hope for more information soon.


Truly, today marks an extraordinary day in what has been an extraordinary course of events. Many cities suffering under the invasion have been freed from their oppressors by the combined military might of the local militias and volunteers who’ve fought valiantly against the Ophidian horde.


An ambassador representing the Ophidians will meet soon with the Britannian government, and we hope to see a resolution of the situation still plaguing Papua, where the military has just begun focusing its efforts.

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