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Draconi; Any Chance of a Beta for the new Client? if so, When?

- - - - - beta chance client draconi

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I'm just wondering if you can let us in on any plans to hold a Beta for this new client? With a release of next year, one would think the beta (if one is going to be had) would have to be soon.

Any chance we can get a heads up on when this may be? or how we will have to go about signing up for it? Or if you all are not even planing a Beta?

Beta or no Beta, it would be nice to know one way or the other.

Thanks in advance if you have time to answer this, or if they will let you give out this kind of information at this point.


I'm betting that the beta for the new client will be as hard if not harder to get into than T2A was.


Pehaps, but we have no solid information that a Beta IS even going to happen. I would just like some confirmation on at least this point. One would think that if they are able to release confirmation on the existance of a Beta that they would also be able to release the details on how it will be handled as well. Certainly they took this into consideration when they decided to announce the new client? They had to know that we would all freak and want to join the Beta asap certainly.

I have seen hints here and there as to when will we have a beta so I thought if we had a post that specifically asked the question, perhaps we may be better represented to recieve an answer on this burning question.


I just wish they'd give us more info. Three screenshots of a new client? That's it?
Show us a little animation, show us some more locations, more monsters, I want to see tames, different armor sets.
Something more than these three meager screens.
And some technical specs for the nerds ammong us. I'm assuming 3D terrain, lightning and blended particles, but 2D sprites for characters and shadows? How is animation handled, all pre-rendered? How BIG is the new client? a CD or eight DVD's? How much eye candy can you enable/disable to make it run on my old P3-550 at work?

Anything, dear Devs.

UO Community Coordinator

I'm not Draconi, but I can answer this question.

Yes there will be a beta, but I don't have a timeframe that I can talk about right now. When we have that ready, we'll be sure to announce it on uo.com.

Also, please keep in mind that specific developers cannot talk about unannounced information, such as features in the client, dates for the project, etc.


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