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Home of Despair

- - - - - despair home

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The air was thick and heavy, the light of the moon barely reaching through heavy cloud cover. The sound of swamp gas exploding and the squish of unknown monsters lurking in the swamps north of Trinsic were ascented by the sound of construction. Just along the border of the swamp building of a large mansion was completed. The workers carried on, their eyes blank as if they were zombies. As they vacated the now completed site, and wandered off into the woods, each fo them slowly awoke and became aware of their surroundings. They were lost, and had no memory where they had been or how they had gotten here.

Back at the site of this new building, a large manor now rose from the site. Made of old stone imported to the location, and old clay carefully crafted to form the walls of the upper floors, it was an elegant sight to behold. But the true sight to behold was within the walls, in the inner sealed chambers.

There, shadows moved around the corners of the room, the scent of dirt and decay filled the room. The silence of this inner space was broken by the sound of stones moving. The tiles of the floor moved up in the center of the room, and shifted to the side. Rising from the floor, like a lifeless statue was a woman. Robed in deep purples, she pulled herself up and came to stand upon the floor. Moving to a chest set into the corner of the room she removed, slowly and with some difficulty, a small gold chest. She took from this chest a dark flask, and removed the cork. Hungrily, she poured the contents down her throat, like a ravenous beast.

Though enough to give some speed to her movement, this risen dark beauty was not satisfied. Moving with deadly speed, she pulled a lever in a side wall, and fleed into the night.

Deep in the woods, a priest of Mondain was preparing his rituals for the rising of the sun, only a few short hours away. As he kneeled down to the forest floor, the last thing he saw was a flash of purple and red.

She stood above the body, a wicked intelligence finally manifesting in her eyes. Taking a black cloth from the folds of her robe, she neatly wiped her mouth and face clean. Looking to the sky, she felt the presence of morning coming. Raising her hood, she looked once more upon the empty vessle that had satisfied her needs. With one fluid motion of she removed a dagger from her robes, and connected the bite marks on the neck. She bent down and removed the personal belongings from the corpse.

Darting into the woods she returned with the remains of a small woodland creature, and released its blood near the wound of the corpse. No evidence of a creature of her kind would be left here. Thieves and robbers were more easy to accept. The animals corpse she carried into the swamps and set beside a village of lizardmen.

With her last dark deed committed she vanished into the final shadows of the early morning.

There was a world to see, a world that had changed, and now she had the energy to endure.

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