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I know im new in UO and stuff but i was wondering about this idea


Dont know how much it is possable to make, and if its efective at all but here it is:



Knight duels, where the king and queen come there to (if there are any charrs like this) and mostly the most popular people in the country come to watch from the best plases and all others from somewhere els but they can see also the king and queen and the other popular people, also people can participate at the Knight duels and chalanges if they wish.



the idea is not full i got a big vision on this one but tell me first if its posable to ... make something big like this :)




it is good thing for recruitment :) (that is all my idea about)

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A long time ago things like this used to happen often. There was also bagball where each guild had it's own team and we played two games a weekend. I used to play on Spiritwood's team (the creators of bagball). The gm's made a blessed field for it, with stands and seating for the Original Lord British to attend. So we could it there. Or outside Luna is another pitch you could use. But as to who comes, like was said above it's up to the people who play the game if they wish to come or not.

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Yes bagball is real.

Bagball is a game played on a predefined "pitch" the ball itself is to heavy to just run with so you have a team of i think its 5 players that have to pick it up and "pass it" down the pitch into there opponents goal meanwhile the opponents try and intercept the ball and then do the same thing

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