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[NEWS] All Shards Tavern Night A Success

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Iron Bandit Inn (Kijustsu Anei Village)

Tuesday October 06, 2009



Those In Attendance:

Goat [TGOG], Ares [OkuB], Dark Morning [OkuB], Fanny Firebotto [bRPA],

Midnight Moon [s@GE], Tamer Joe [s@GE], Lin Min May [OkuC],

Pol The Shepherd, Vash The Harper [bRPA], Ado The Theif, Winfield [PAX],

Niva The Savage [T_T], Sinthe [T_T], Winmere [Pax], Greyylene [uSN],

Bozydar [TEB], Anya The Gypsy, Grimlar Mithrax, John Duke [Pax],

Arig'lak [Orc], Lord Gareth [OkuC], Saraugug [uRUK], Elijah Cross [PxP], Amber Witch

Event Review:

Tuesday night at 9:00pm EST citizens from Baja, Pacific and Europa shard

made their way over to Chesapeake. The All Shards Tavern Night hosted by

Kijustsu Anei Village is a time for everyone to come relax, partake in mini

events, roleplay, exchange ideas and make new connections of communication

with other communities. The hosts of the event Ado the Theif, Niva the

Savage and Lord Gareth have been planning this event for months. On

Tuesday night it all the planning and waiting for launch paid off with a great

turn out from all shards.


Ado the Thief ran a small mini event for the night, "War Stories". Where

people attending were given the opportunity to tell of great battles they

were in or heard of. Below you will find the stories told during the night.

[some stories were lost from power outage.]




Told by: Goat

"I came across a disturbingly ugly world with three heads! I charged the wolf as fast as my goat legs would take me I took my war fork and jammed it straight into the eyes of the right head. Thinking this would kill the beast It did not fall! Nearly stop one head from biting the wolf tackled the goat! and started chomping down with the other two heads. But Goats, my friends have a secret weapon. No one.... nobody...nohow ever sees the headbutt coming. Knocking out one of the heads I took a dagger and cut both throats. Finally laying the beast to rest. A victory for all goats!"


Told by: Dark Morning

[instruments used during the tale]

"Allow me to take the floor and put my bardic skill to the test. I have a tale about an elf that was too hard headed. Took it upon himself to face what all dreaded. This hero ventured into despair fight all on his way to the god stack. He was too cocky to care. Didn't watch his back, let us say he wasn't aware. The elf didn't make it home. Let this remind never fight alone."


Told by: Ado the Theif

"Bout... 4 years ago while I was travelin' th land... I heard quite a bit of battle cries in the distance.. Sounded like a gank t' me... Turned out t' be a battle between two armies. Why they we're fightin ill never know. I waited in the shadows of the houses for quite a while. Till most of em we're dead. Then I went out an started killin' th' remainin' wounded. Then went through all their belongings.. made quite a killin that year.. Had so much loot I could barley move. Ah.. guess thats th' end.."


Told by: Sinthe

"Sinthe battle many Orcs. *Puts down Orc masks around her* Sinthe throw things like this *Throws explosion pot* Many Orcs fall over and hold body parts!

Sinthe grab spear and battle standing Orcs *Puts down bench* Sinthe roll on on ground like this and hit Orcs from behind *Walks onto bench then off* Then Sinthe roll back *Walks onto bench then off* Sinthe kill many Orcs!!! More Orcs come! *Puts down more Orc masks* Sinthe knock them Orcs off feet! Then Sinthe stomp Orcs! *Walks on the Orc masks* *Stomp* *Stomp* *Stomp* Sinthe keep battling Sinthe win! Sinthe kill many Orcs! Orcs afraid of Sinthe!"


Told by: Saraugug

"Befur saraug agh saraugz klan came tu diz plaze wi clompid everythend. Wi climpid snagaz, humiez, ilidsz, sabajez, eberytheng!"


Told by: John Duke

"I would like to tell you all a wonderful tale about being an Orc slave. So, as an Orc slave I get to make thing and sometimes eat. Mostly make things. Not so often eat. One day I made some gloves for one of the orcs. Some of my best work I think. But he lost them Or sold them but he said he lost them. I will never forget those gloves. Thank you."


The Tavern night went over schedule to about 11:00pm EST. The savages

were unable to hold the Savage Sponsored hunt. The hosts and village

received many compliments from everyone attending the event. The village

and hosts would like to thank everyone who attended the event. The All

Shards Tavern Night is held every Tuesday at 9:00pm EST, Kijustsu Anei

Village at the Iron Bandit Inn, Chesapeake shard. For more information,

questions or comment please leave them here. Great event everyone!!!

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S'good t' see reports like this an a taste of some of th' stories. Jus' wanted t' thank everyone for showin up last tuesday and presenting. Its great t' see th' community come together with such events. Ye'll deffinetly see many more in the future. As a matter of fact theres another tavern night this tuesday at 9pm est.

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