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Treasures of Tokuno 3.5

- - - - - 35 tokuno treasures

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Leading up to the launch of SA, Treasures of Tokuno was brought back. It brought in a whole slew of people exploring the often ignored wilderness of Tokuno, and a lot of people got to see content that nobody ever bothers with.

I think we need to modify the Treasures system into a permanent system, much like Paragons and minor Artifacts work in Ilshenar.

-Newer players can gain more powerful items through time invested hunting.
-Old content is used. As it is, nobody goes to Tokuno unless they want to run the Serado spawn.
-A reliable way of getting decent imbuing materials. Most of the people with high imbuing got there by unraveling hoarded items.

Gold sellers will whine that EA is cutting into their profits by letting players gain gold and items through a means other than buying them with cash?
- Scripters may try to take advantage, increased need for EA to combat common automated combat scripts.

One other effect is that Imbuing becomes a bit cheaper, if you're willing to invest the time into hunting for these items. But they wouldn't drop often enough to really speed up the imbuing process.

What? But that would flood every shard with tons of these items!
Perhaps. But many would be used for Imbuing. These items could also have their drop chance lowered, or the number needed for a Major could be increased.

But wouldn't people just stop doing it eventually, once they have what they need?
Most likely. But there's no reason EA can't introduce time limited drops, items such as Leurocian's Mempo, which will not always be part of the set of items that drop.

Why do this? Most of the lessers are junk.
One man's junk is another man's treasure. I expect a young player would love a lot of these minor arties we consider imbuing fodder. As it is with Luna, the market is so inflated the only way an honest new player will ever earn enough gold to buy some good gear is to get a lucky drop if some guild takes them to a peerless. Must new players be forced to join a guild to excel?

Warsong of LS

Warsong of LS

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Turn it on permanent, just lower the drop rate to what it is for the 11th anniversary items (virtue armor, etc) in the original dungeons. There by if you want them you have to put sometime in getting them and they do not drop like rain.
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I concur!



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/me votes in favor! "Aye!"
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