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The official "What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?" thread.

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Think we had one of these before, but it must've died.


Simple instructions, list the song you're currently listening to.





Me, i'm listening to "Lifehouse - Somewhere in between"


This singer has a unique voice, I love this song.

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haha I am listening to the Original UO Soundtrack at the moment, I caught myself asleep and woken up dead on WoW (World of Warcraft) haha! It put me to sleep while I was fighting! That has NEVER happened to me before, I was laughing so hard when I realized what happened.


I VERY awake when I started and I decided to listen to the UO Soundtrack and I will be running down the road on WoW, swaying head back and forwarth to music and oftenly closing my eyes to totally focus on the music because it will be a straight away path for awhiles away and HAHAHA there I am asleep and woke up dead! That had to be the worst death I have ever done! I guess that is what happens when I got surround sound speakers and me likeing the music so much I get into it more than what I am doing ^_^


-RMS Carpathia-

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