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[GUIDE] Pirate Event (Sept 19, 2009)

- - - - - 19 2009 event guide pirate sept

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This whole weekend, you can obtain pirate hats and eyepatches by doing a short fedex quest and collecting items along the banks of the Brandywine river in both Evendim and The Shire.

Lorebook: The Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners - LOTRO Lorebook

This quest is obtained just north of the Brandywine Bridge, on the Bree-land side. The First Mate asks you to find the captain of the ship, and to help retrieve the lost cargo along the river. The cargo is intended for the Rangers of Annuminas, who are fighting to reclaim their old capital from the forces of Angmar, as well as from greedy tomb robbers. (As seen in the Evendim quest lines)

The Captain is located along the beach in Evendim. The easiest way is to simply follow the river north, gathering the required items as you go, as they line both banks of the river. For each item you want, you require 25 bottles of ale, and 10 casks of cram.

NOTE: Low levels may need some help, there are level 30+ norbogs, salamanders, and tomb robbers close to the river in Evendim.

After talking to the Captain, he sends you back to the First Mate, and asks you to gather the cargo (though you can gather it without the quest, you can't turn items in for rewards until after you see the Captain).

----Nerd Moment! - Corvak overthinks the lore!----
I know, they aren't really 'pirates', but there ARE no pirates in the regions of Middle-earth that have been put into the game, as there isn't much water based trade going on. The only pirates are south of Minas Tirith - the Corsairs of Umbar, who were defeated by Aragorn and the oathbreakers in both the book and the movies.

If I really wanted to be picky, i'd point out that trade on the Brandywine is impossible because at the southern border of the shire, there are rapids - and there is no real civilization south of the shire. Also, judging by the size of the wrecked ship in Evendim, it couldn't pass under the Brandywine bridge to begin with. The only possible place for the rangers to trade with to the south is the shire itself, and everyone knows, hobbits do NOT like boats. My only guess is that the 'pirates' are men of Bree who haul food and supplies northward from the shire for a profit.

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