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Void Demons

- - - - - demons void

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Hello All!

I love the way the void demons look, but I'm curious as to how they work. I see all sorts of big, little and variably aggressive ones floating around - but I never see them mutant / evolve / grow.

Can someone fill me in on the lore and on the mechanics of how these work? Is there a quest involving them?





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Are they the same as the void daemons that attacked Magincia?

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yes there is a quest, talk to the garg standing across from the public soulforge in ter mur. as for how they work? I do not have a clue, have not seen them evolve and I have seen them attack other creatures.
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This post was stolen from Frarc over on stratics Drachenfels forum:

Have you seen those black oily monsters around? Those are the one that drop Void Essence.

These are the names:

Void Plague

· An invasion of Ter Mur by creatures from the Void

· Creatures begin as small, slime-like manifestations called “Korpre” and can evolve into different void monsters based on their interactions with the environment

· A Korpre can either kill another mob, survive for a set period of time, or group together with other Korpre in order to evolve

· Evolution can create “Ortanord” void monsters as a byproduct

Killing Path

· Betballem

· Ballem

· Usagralem Ballem (mini-boss)

Grouping Path

· Anlozen

· Anlorlem

· Anlorvaglem (mini-boss)

Survival Path

· Anzuanord

· Relanord

· Vasanord (mini-boss)

I did some playing with the killing and grouping paths and found that I can entice the korpre to "evolve" into Betballem by having them attack something weak for a while (I think it took about 15 minutes of doing damage). A fresh tamed skree is ideal for this purpose, as it has low wrestling and a lot of hit points.

I even once managed to turn a Betballem into a Ballem, which bored the tar out of me. But that was in letting the Betballem attack a newly tamed lowloand boura.

I didn't get to the highest end of that yet, but it's a goal.

Then I locked up four korpre in an area they would have trouble getting out of. I checked back every few minutes and after a while, three of them were gone and an Anlozen was in the space. I didn't see the grouping and don't know exactly how or when they "combined".

I didn't manage to get that one any higher.

I don't know how I can test the survival path without a private house. People are just too bloodthirsty and wind up killing them before they survive too long. I have seen Anzuanord and Relanord in way out of the way places. I didn't kill any.

Moral of story: don't kill the void stuffs unless you are on a specific quest to kill them.
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