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Looking for an active Rp guild

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All righty then. We'll just have to figure out how to get you in touch with your fellow roleplayers in-game. PGoH members are usually pretty easy to find. They're at least a good way to get into the role play ring (especially if you play off hours).


I should have mentioned this yesterday, but Tuesdays at 9PM are usually a good time to visit the Knight's Rest tavern. I think Que's is open on Thursdays, but I haven't heard from them in a while. Since 9PM EST is too late for me, I can't check these myself though.


I can arrange for you to receive a few runes in-game if you can get in touch with me at the right time. Or if you go to the Jolly Roger inn, we have a rune book for other role play establishments, but we don't have any info about when people are there. (note the lower right rune book)





UP home page:

The United Pirates - Ultima Online Pirate Guild

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I just want to point out, UP are probably my favourite RP guild on Cats. They never get into drama or anything, they just play to have fun being pirates. (Drama takes time away from piratin' drinkin' and countin the booty, after all.)


Any plans for the 19th Farsight? It IS talk like a pirate day, after all.

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Farsight..I tried to reply to your post but for some reason the post reply button went missing! It's true! Thank you so much for the ideas. I guess at this point I wouldn't mind even mild rp...I just don't want to be where there is none at all and my experience is, it gets confusing when you try and mix the two but I guess when not many people are playing any longer you have to take what you can get!

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