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Discussions on Cathedral (Pic Intensive)

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Well, I said I'd have these up here by this morning. These are only ideas so far. I'm waiting to see what the verdict is to see which set to use. Anyone's thoughts or ideas on it?


Although I would love to use it because it is very fitting, I am still unsure of the dark grey stone. My original issue with it was cramping, however when I built it, I actually liked it. But then I ran into issues where the building looks patchy because the stone set is unfinished, so I had to opt to other types of stone to finish the building as close as possible. >_<



The first building is the flagstone.















The next building is the original stone that was suggested.












On this next pic you can see one of the parts, the bell tower, that I had to improvise to get as close as i could upon.




Again, another part, the area just above the East Exit that I've had to improvise on to get as close as I could to what was needed to keep perspective of the building.



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Nah. Just most people don't like doing roofing, but take a look and check in the Castles and Gardens section of Stratics at the few houses that actually have roofing. I am also limited by game mechanics in two ways. I'm limited to four floors and the graphics are limited because the game is in a 2D perspective viewed from the top, so you will see more roof than wall. The query that was raised was mainly over what type of stone to use, and what is more appropriate of a fit without looking too out of place as compared to the rest of the buildings. Changing the design of the cathedral itself wasn't much of an issue, nor can the design be changed drastically unless a a flat topped roof is installed, causing the building to lose its effect and look more like a fort or castle and less like a cathedral.


(edit for spelling a grammar.)

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