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SAGE is built on a rock-hard foundation of honor, cooperation, strength of character, and respect. It is by these guiding concepts that we hope to make our way in this realm. Please read through our rules carefully before applying to enter our inner halls, because once you have done so you will be expected to adhere to them.


1.All members are expected to act in cooperation of all others. There will be times that you will be asked to step away from your personal tasks in order to assist a member of our guild. When this happens, it is expected that you do so with a smile on your face. A negative attitude will not be looked upon fondly, and will be remembered when you are in need of our help.


2.Act in an honorable manner at all times. This house is open to all races and classes, but only those of an honorable nature. If your idea of fun is exploiting game play, harassing members of this house or the public, or otherwise acting in a way that goes against the CoC, then perhaps this isn't the place for you.


3.Respect begets respect. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to act in a disrespectful manner to anyone else in the guild hall. People get upset and personalities don't always gel. That's to be expected. However, there are more appropriate ways to handle these situations than being disrespectful. If a situation cannot be handled by the members in question, it will pass on to the guildmistress or a member of the Inner Circle for mediation. If, after the mediation, the situation continues, a cooling-off period may be instilled. If it continues after that, the offending party will be shown the front door.


4.Roleplay is preferred. It is our hope to maintain the integrity of SAGE through taking on the characters we have created. However, we understand that there are times for roleplay and times when we do not feel like roleplaying. Therefore, we will not enforce a strict code of how you should speak in guild chat or other open channels. Please be considerate of your fellow guild members and mark OOC chat with (( )) or any other appropriate means.


5.Family and real life comes first. In SAGE, we recognize and respect that there is a life outside of this realm. Because of this we have fairly flexible attendance requirements. Nonetheless, there will be a guild meeting once per month that all members are asked to join. If you cannot make it, a note should be passed to the guildmistress or a member of the Inner Circle regarding your absence. Guild and alliance events are optional but we encourage you to take part whenever possible. You will only get from the guild and alliance what you put into it and the success of all rely on the support and activity of the members. Finally, if you will not be able to log into the game for an extended period of time, please let the guildmistress or a member of the Inner Circle know, or your name will be removed from the guild roster. This is to make sure that we have a reasonable account of our membership.


6.Communication via the website is expected. All members are required to sign their character up on the website, and maintain it. Your characters history/biography and any scenarios etc. are to be recorded here. This is to aid all in working up appropriate and entertaining plots and scenarios around all characters. This guild is built on cooperation, and that requires communication. This website is the main way we will be communicating, so your attendance here is mandatory.


Our governing body is that of the Inner Circle comprised of the guildmistress, Lady Luna Rossa and the guild emissaries. Though all members' opinions have the same weight, any directive by a member of the Inner Circle must be adhered to. Members of the Inner Circle will always put the guilds best interests first and foremost and so they deserve your support and respect.

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