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Calling all Rogues! The Caste are back!

- - - - - back calling caste rogues

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Park Su-mi

Park Su-mi

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The Black Caste was, in 2004, CoY's last ever accepted applicant. It was created then for the same reason that it's being reformed now: a lack of real rogues guilds in the roleplay community.

The concept of the guild was always to be the most ruthless, the most vile and the most lacking of virtue we could be. We're not interested in robbing from the rich to feed the poor, we're not merry swashbucklers just looking for an easy meal and a loose woman; we want profit and power at any cost.

It wasn't all murder most foul, the Black Caste pulled off a number of short and "long" cons back in the day and turned a tidy bit of gold from a number of elaborate capers and we're looking to do so again with your help.

As of mid 2009 the Black Caste is making something of a comeback and we hope to recruit a small but dedicated group of thieves, thugs and assassins to once more work it's way into the various cities of Britannia. We're looking for a wide array of players but mostly we want those who can roleplay fairly and shoulder the responsibility of playing an 'evil' character. It's hard work maintaining the concept whilst at the same time trying to make sure your victims are enjoying their roleplay experience and this means having a little maturity and common sense.

Mostly we're looking for three types of characters:

1. Brutish thugs to do the dirty work.
2. Nimble assassins to carry out marks requested from the publiic.
3. Intelligent thieves and con-men to make sure an opportunity for coin is never missed.

If you can rise to the challenge and if you can roleplay the blackest heart in-game but keep a friendly, playful demeanor out of character then you'd be a natural addition to the Black Caste. At this point in time we'll willingly take on board your alts and accept any activity we can get out of you without too much pressure - but ideally you'd be doing us a fantastic favour to lend your playing time to a cause we really believe can make an impact on the community.

For more information contact me on 151257836.

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Don't swear, kids!

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