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OOC: The Hanse Davion Mage Challenge! Prizes to be won!

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The Score:


As part of a larger exercise and investigation of certain mechanics I am hereby proclaiming a challenge to any and all members of the community. This challenge goes out to any mage who thinks they will be able to kill a (particular one of my) Hanse Davion characters, who is using a relatively straight-forward and inexpensive dexer template. To encourage participation from the outside there will be a range of fabulous prizes on offer, set in three tiers to allow rich and poor alike to potentially earn prizes. Each tier has a challenge fee, proceeds from which I will hopefully be donating to the [HLP] guild that does good work helping out Young players in Haven. The challenge fee and prizes per tier are as follows;


Tier 1: 10'000 gold entry, 100'000 gold prize

Tier 2: 50'000 gold entry, 500'000 gold prize

Tier 3: 100'000 gold entry, 1'000'000 gold prize


There is no difference in the fighting based on tier. It is simply a matter of how philanthropic you feel, and how big of a prize you'd like the chance to earn. Multiple attempts are both welcomed and encourage to round up more money for Paidric and his crew to keep doing the fine work they do helping newbies in Haven.


The Challenge:


The challenge is relatively simple. We will fight as normal, allowed to use all the tools available to any roleplayer - the challenger need only kill Hanse Davion in under 10 minutes time. If Hanse survives the 10 minutes, the challenger loses. If Hanse kills you during the challenge, again you lose. The challenge will take place in an arena of reasonable size, the kind found in the Vesper Ironman or Trinsic fight-night tournaments.


You, the challenging mage, are free to use the template, equipment, consumables and tactics that are available to you within the standard rules of engagement. I, in turn will be doing the same. The only exception to this is tamer mages as trained pets with a bit of luck are capable of winning a fight vs 5x120 dexers on their own in an enclosed space while the tamer can just pick his nose and watch. Other forms of mage such as necro-mages, poison mages, ninjitsu mages, tank mages and so forth are welcome to take their shots.


  • A balanced suit of armour, as seen in the picture
  • An assortment of swordsmanship weaponry
  • Enhanced Bandages
  • A variety of potions allowed by RoE
  • Orange petals and Enchanted Apples
  • Chivalry




I will not however be using other newer things such as mana draughts, trinsic petals, bushido skills, spellweaving, or the increasingly popular and balance-breaking buggy trap boxes as Felucca scripters and non-Vesparian guilds do.


How to Challenge:


Just ICQ me at 325-452-832 to arrange a challenge, and don't forget to bring the money with you in individual checks. These are simple OOC challenges which are arranged and held at a simple arena location. A series of tests if you will, which will be useful to harness results on warrior and mage performance. To answer a few of the obvious questions; Yes I am aware that mages are more effective in groups. No this is not an ego thing, I don't even like playing a dexer. No I did not steal your cupcake. See Europa RP General for main thread.

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