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Aid of an EM for Guild Events

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Since I have recently returned and do not know all the ins and outs of what the EM's do, other then so far doing a nice job, I was wondering if they aid guilds if they wish to put on an event and temporarily need items secured in place?


Or what other things other then marrying people do they do with regards to helping particular players?


Thanks in advance.

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I believe they will help out with guild events, but its their decision on a case by case basis.


You contact them through the EM website - catskills.uoem.net. Where catskills is your shard.


*I couldnt get chesapeake to show up, and chessy.uoem.net gives a smiley face for some wierd reason...perhaps the EM is smoking the nightshade over there?

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If its a safe spot, a mule or a beetle works for holding event supplies. In a dungeon, I just place small amounts that I carry on my stripped-down stealther.


Also, I have worked with a delivery person. Stealther makes and gives a rune to the supply point and when supplies are in-coming, he pops EVs to occupy the monsters. Delivery peep just arrives, drops bags and recalls out.


Pretty much the same routine when the supply point has to move farther forward. Also works as a rez point.


Some planning and teamwork. Kinda nice when the OPLAN runs smoothly.


Sargeant-Major Darla

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