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From tomorrow and until Sunday I shall be away, due to some festivities.


Then again from Monday the 13th to Monday the 20th (7 days) I'm going away on vacation to Monastir/Sousse in Tunisia.


I have put several people in charge of KT while I'm gone, as I don't have that many active Veteran members some of them are juniours.


Heres some contacts to those that will have responsibility of KT:


Taggart: 145133676 (You may know him as former GM of KT) Main contact.

Cody Dorselt: 218043045 (Sergeant of KT) Second Main Contact.


Wolfram: 340053122 (Turcopole of KT) Arranging events and the likes.


If you wish to have KT in any events you may speak to any of these three. When it comes to KT buisness and diplomacy I'd advice speaking with Cody or Taggart.


I'll understand if KTs activity will go down slightly during my time in absence. But I have full trust in those I'm putting as responsible.

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