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Custom-Fit Arty Clothing (don't know how hard this'd be...)

- - - - - arty clothing customfit hard thisd

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Here's the idea...

Let's say you really like the Crimson Cincture. I mean, who doesn't? It's basically free stats. Of course, some people might feel that a giant splotch of red over their crotch isn't very fashionable. For those people, I offer this idea.

High skill tailors can eventually 're-tailor' clothing. That is, they can take a half-apron and turn it into something else that fits in the belt slot like an obi.

That's not all. If your Robe of the Eclipse is covering too much then you can turn it into a Hakama-shita or if it's not covering enough you can turn it into a Shroud or Elven Robe.

Consequences for failure? None. It should require and be 100% successful at Legendary Tailoring, simply because it's a purely cosmetic change in all cases. Or, if that's to common, it could be made into some form of Vet Reward, Anniversary Gift, Redemption Reward (like Spring Cleaning), or something else similar to how engraving tools work.

Anyway, here's an obligatory list of the affected items and what they can be turned into (if the list is incomplete then please fill me in!):

-Jester Suit
-Body Sash

-Woodland Belt
-Full Apron

-Elven Robe
-Female Elven Robe
-Plain Dress
-Fancy Dress
-Male Kimono
-Female Kimono

-Thigh Boots
-Fur Boots
-Waraji and Tabi
-Ninja Tabi
-Elven Boots

I only listed the ones that have artifacts in the same category. If artifacts later come into play that involve, say, Kilts, then those could be adjusted as well.

Warsong of LS

Warsong of LS

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I see where you are going with this. I like it, except when not make it available as a deed (like a tailoring repair one), which can only be crafted by legendary tailors. That way you do not have to hand over your item to any other character and you do not have to search around, spamming for a tailor in game to fix your item.
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On the contrary! I miss the time where you actually had to interact with other players. Nowadays you just buy deeds and stuff and it's all anonymous.

One way or the other: the basic idea is good! I like it.



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The best idea I read in a while... promotes diversity and does not touches item balance.




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I agree. I'm for anything that promotes character customization.



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Excellent idea! It gets my vote and I hope this idea gets read and is developed. They have made the armor all dyeable so that we can choose the best available pieces and not make the set look piecemeal. This would allow us to use the arties and still make our characters look the way we want, stick to an asian or other theme etc. and doesnt have any unbalancing issues. I am for the deed form.



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Sounds good to me! The deed form would work easiest probably.

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