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[Atlantic] The 1st Annual Festival of Proclamation

- - - - - 1st annual atlantic festival proclamation

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The Atlantic Times

The Atlantic Times


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Announcement Posted Across The Lands....

The 1st Annual Festival of Proclamation Hosted By: Republic Of Jhelom

On Saturday, 7:00pm eastern on the 25th of July at the Jhelom Theater on the Southern Island.


- Announcement from the Chief Magistrate of Jhelom
- Invocation by The Reawakening
- Final Signature by the Chief Magistrate on Charter Declaration
- Preparation for Boat Race & last chance to submit to the Festival Auction & Lottery
- Triple Isle Boat Race
- Jhelom Scavenger Dash
- Prize Reward Ceremony for Events
- Gate provided to The Yendorin Loft
- The Yendorin Loft Auction
- The Lottery
- Closing Statements by the Chief Magistrate of Jhelom
- Closing Invocation by The Reawakening

If you would like to:

Reserve a Seat, Register for an Event listed, Submit an item to Auction, and/or Enter the Lottery early please send a message to Chief Magistrate Yendorin.
If you hold an executive seat in any organization and wish to attend, just notify the Chief Magistrate by sending a missive to 327229050, and your seat will be respectfully reserved.

1.) Triple Isle Boat Race

- You must bring or purchase your own ship prior to the Event (strategy will be key based on small or large ships)
- Registering for the Race will end 24 July 7:00pm eastern
- You may not change any part of the course displayed below
- You may not use any assist program to navigate. If it is found that you are you will be disqualified
- You will make two (2) laps around before you finish
- 1st Place will receive: 1 million Gold
- 2nd Place will receive: 250,000 Gold
- 3rd Place will receive: 100,000 Gold

- Below is the Triple Isle Boat Race Course
Posted Image

2.) Jhelom Scavenger Dash

- You must bring or purchase your own bag prior to the Event
- Registering for the Dash will end 24 July 7:00pm eastern
- You may not leave the three islands of Jhelom to gather the items requested
- You may purchase or seek the items requested
- You may use any items all ready in your backpack for the requested items
- You will be given a book listing all the items you must collect
- You will have 15 minutes to find as many items on the list as you can
- 1st Place will receive: 400,000 Gold-
- 2nd Place will receive: 150,000 Gold-
- 3rd Place will receive: 25,000 Gold-

3.) The Yendorin Loft Auction

- If you have not all ready supplied the item and book with details you wish auctioned ahead of time please bring it with you for the Event
- You may submit an item for Auction up to 10 minutes prior to starting
- There will be a 25 item limit
- All items submitted must be at least 75,000 gold for starting bid
- Items worth less in game, but submitted as a starting bid of 75k will be disqualified for the Auction
- Your book must have: Your Name, Item(s) being auctioned, Starting Bid

4.) The Yendorin Loft Lottery

- Entry for lottery will be 500,000 gold
- The Lottery must have at least 10 entries to be valid
- All whom enters will receive a book with a special coded number
- Lottery Prize will be: 8 million gold (Donated by Lord Kain Elderan & Ashford Yendorin)
- Entry fee will go towards future festivals and events sponsored by Jhelom

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