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OOC: Castle bones may have belonged to Knight

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If that is the case, it's very likely he was a person of rank....peasant militia would probably be left to die on the battlefield (or at least not in the middle of a castle) while nobility would be taken to a healer.


It does make a good example of how archers were the eventual downfall of medieval knights - You could train a hundred peasants to fire bows in less time than it took to train a knight in mounted combat. The armor for one knight also cost as much as the equipment for an entire squad of archers. Add to that the pike squad you position in front of the archers and the mounted knight is really outmatched.


Thats not to discount the power of mounted knights however. A cavalry charge was devastating to anything other than a trained pike squad. If the knights can get into melee with the archers, they drop like flies.


...everything you need to know about medieval combat comes from RTS games....and the history channel :P

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