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need help with few things on this temp

- - - - - temp things

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combatant rules...
class 3 dexer melee/archer
no summons
no pots, orange petals or enhanced apples
no mounts
no holy light
no faction bandaids
no magery or necro
no spellweaving
no ninja stars or shurikens
no ward removal
no fire horns
no poisoning with or with or without skill

so skills I have on this char Are

120 bushido
120 tactics
120 parry
120 fencing
*90* ninja stoned this 0
80 chivarly (cant or dont need holy light) just for healing

Thinking of 100 healing or 110...
leaves me with 50 points to put in Med?

leaves 50 points for pvp use like spellweaving but cant use here so what do you all think for last bit of skills and or take off 90 ninja stone it and get something else like healing or what.
Let me know what you all think thanks




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That is seriously a lot of restrictions...

I'd drop ninja since you arent hiding, and take some healing and anat.



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Chivalry will be for a lot more that just healing. You'll need Remove Curse to get rid of Mortal Strike, Divine Fury to keep your Stamina up, Consecrate Weapon to hit the weak resist, and then Close Wounds for the healing. For a weapon, I think you'll want to use a Bow instead of any sort of Fencing weapon. Paralyzing Blow will give you enough of a respite to get a spell off while Mortal Strike will give you an opportunity to move in for a kill. The range will also prevent a potential Ninja Bake Archer from running around with ridiculous stamina regen and kiting you. Therefore, I think your best bet would be 120 Bushido, Tactics, Archery, Anatomy, 75 Chivalry, lots of Healing, and the rest in either Focus or Meditation.



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go for bush healing parry anatomy tactics bit of chiv and macing for the damage and spam conc blow for the win =) and plus when against a archer you could like got 3 conc blows off befor they hit you with an arrow because of the mega defence chance with parry n bushido




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Thanks for all the info... this is mostly for a fight I have comming up with just melee vs melee.

With all the rules as above.
Right now im going to use a few things also helping with the idea using this

120 bushido (confidence, counter attack, lighting strike, and evaid.)
120 tactics (dmg and such)
120 fencing (bleed only can use this 4 times in the match)
120 parry (def and parry good stuff)
110 heal (heal as an extra)
80 chivarly (remove curse, heal, devine, con weopen, and cure)
40 med (round out my over the top 11 med)

Going with 60 Refect Pysical, 40 lmc, 51 hit chance, 60 def, 82 dmg inc, and 11 med

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