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Mythic and Bioware Form New RPG/MMO Group

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When Galen's player posted

Thank you.

But how sure are you about that arrangement being maintained say, 1 month.....6 months.....In advance? Especially after Stygian Abyss's profits aren't as intense as those of, say, a brand-spanking new single-player RPG with sports-action interface and a brand new, custom graphics engine.

and Crystal replied with concerns also

Chrissie responded

It's business as usual around the Mythic office. There is no cause for alarm. We are still slated for Summer 09 for Stygian Abyss.

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Posted by PASmountaindew

Next thing we will all here is that ChrissayEAMythic will be changing her Stratic name to ChrissayBioWare.

We are not changing studio names we are going to continue to be Mythic.

UO Community Coordinator


Beer_Cayse was one of the players who kept the momentum going with

Chrissay ... I was on CompuServe when AOL stated those same words to a bunch of us business account admins.

Two weeks later our forum was closed and the "business class" ties we had to CS were severed and we were told "suck it up, you are now just another customer". AOL lost over 3,000 accounts from 14 different businesses throughout the US and Canada.

Seeing is believing.


As stated before everything is going to remain the same. This is NOT a merger. Your accounts will not be affected by any means.

AND [ :reye ]

Honestly there's really nothing to worry about with the Mythic Studio. I do understand why you guys are worried. We aren't moving anywhere and we aren't changing names.

It's really for the positive for UO and the other Mythic games as we are now in a clearly defined group under the EA umbrella. Prior to the change we were in the same classification as other EA non sports titles. Now we have a leadership that is dedicated to the MMO and RPG communities.

UO Community Coordinator


Posted by Petrify

A merger like this basically spells the end for Mythic.

As stated before this is NOT a merger.

UO Community Coordinator


Thankfully Chrissay gave up after that while the discussion then turned to 'what would happen if SA was a wipe out'

I get the impression from responses i read that the general 'all round' feeling about the departure of Mark Jacobs is a positive one for the future of UO.

I personally have much repsect for Chrissay and beleive she only posts what she knows to be fact and isnt one to pacify the playerbase with what they 'want ' to hear.

I am happy to trust that she says "everything is ok and there is nothing to worry about " then that is how it is.

As for what happens if .....................no one can predict that :)


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This is verging on conspiracy theory territory now, jeez



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Well, I for one am quite happy with the fact that Chrissay actually took time to respond to our posts.
To me that shows there is still quite some dedication and it does imply UO may yet have a bright future ahead of it.

And if not, well, joke's on us I guess. But let's not go there and keep up with the positive. :)