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Stygian Abyss Beta Contest Winners!

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First of all I'd like to thank you all for taking part, I'd also like to thanks Draconi for the questions and to Chrissay for allocating us 3 beta codes for Stygian Abyss.


There were 28 entries in all and most of them scored highly, but none got a full 100%.


I decided to allocate a single point to each correct answer and for questions which had more than one answer, a point for each.


So the total scoring value possible for the whole competition was 15 points.


Unfortunatly there was a tie for second place, as 10 people got the same amount of points (*shakes fist*)


So in the interests of fairness, I've run a random number generator 10 times to pick the final winner for second place, but for those who tied with second place, although you don't win a beta code*, you'll get 1 million gold on a shard of your choice.


So without delaying any further, here are the winners for the Stygian Abyss Beta Contest!


First place.


Cesco Aiel firstplacesmall.gif 1X SA Beta Access Code + 10 million gold on any Western/European Shard (Excluding Siege)


Second place.


chargar42 2ndplacesmall.gif 1X SA Beta Access Code + 5 million gold on any Western/European Shard (Excluding Siege)


1 - Kahn

2 - Martyna Zmuir

3 - Pfloyd

4 - Riboflavin

5 - Tancred Redstar

6 - macauboy429

7 - AllyCat

8 - chargar42

9 - Martyna Zmuir


Third place.


Moturdrn 3rdplacesmall.gif 1X SA Beta access code + 2.5 million gold on any Western/European Shard (Excluding Siege)


To select the 2nd place winner, I used the random number generator, from here (Using - http://www.random.org/)


Congratulations to all and well done!


For the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners, I'll be sending you the "secret code" you'll need to email EA with to collect your SA beta codes


For the 2nd place winners who won gold by itself, I'll be sending you a Pm later.


* Please bear in mind, if any of the winners here have taken part in other contests which give away SA beta codes and you win on those competitions to, EA will not give you more than one code.


Correct Answers.


The Correct Answers to the competition were


Here’s part 1 for your trivia. History, and Gargoyles


History and Gargoyles


UO: Pre-alpha


  • What was the special developer area outside the playtest zone called?

    • Hades Playground


    [*]What was the reward for completing “The Quest?”

    • A fire wand


UO: Beta


  • Lord British was assassinated by an infamous PK named Rainz during the beta test. What weapon did he use?

    • A fire field


    [*]How did the beta test end?

    • The Guardian destroyed Britannia with legions of daemons as he invaded the shard following Lord British’s untimely demise


    [*]How did Lord British die at the end of the beta test?

    • He was pushed off his own balcony at Castle British


Ultima Online:


  • What was the full, official name of the first release of Ultima Online?

    • Ultima Online: Shattered Legacy



Ultima: Gargoyles

Name the three Principles of the Gargoyles:


  • Control

  • Passion

  • Diligence


Three famous antagonists from the Ultima series each embody a Principle, name the three.


  • Mondain – Control

  • Minax – Passion

  • Exodus – Diligence


What was the Avatar called amongst the Gargoyles?


  • The False Prophet


What two games in the Ultima series is Stygian Abyss based off of?


  • Ultima VI: The False Prophet, and Ultima Underworld: Stygian Abyss

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I only got one partially wrong, and that was because I thought the final question was limited to the orginal series only, so I disregarded the obvious answer (Ultima Underworld) and chose Ultima IV instead... (Which makes sense IMHO if you limit yourself to the original series only... It does have the Avatar descend in to the Stygian Abyss...)


Thanks again to Mythic (Chrissay/Draconi) and UOF (:A:Adam) for making this contest possible! :dance:


(And there were even questions that did NOT concern fire!!!!)


PS: Do the winners get a medal for their price-cabinet too? =)

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I never played Underworld, but I would have guessed Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny.


Warriors of Destiny is the basis for the current, in-game story arc, which has the same name.


The Stygian Abyss was featured in Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, but the inspiration for the version we're going to see seems to be from the Ultima: Underworld series, and the inspiration for the gargoyles does seem to be mostly derived from Ultima VI and the succeeding games.


My congratulations to the winners.


-Galen's player

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At the end of Warriors of Destiny, you venture into the Underworld, to rescue Lord British from the Dungeon Doom (not in malas!) after you slay the Shadowlords in the three fortresses of the principles.



*All of this can be assumed to be in Felucca, as the core Ultima series does not have split worlds.*


Ultima 4: The Avatar (which is the player controlled character in the core series) masters all of the virtues, and enters the Stygian Abyss. At the bottom, he finds the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom (basically, the avatar knows everything).


Ultima 5: Lord British raises the Codex from the Abyss, creating a massive volcano where the dungeon was. Beneath this Volcano is a huge underground cavern, which links all of the non-virtue dungeons. Monsters begin to breed here. Lord British leads an expedition into the 'Underworld' as it is now known. The Shadowlords trap Lord British in the Underworld, and kill the rest of his expedition. They proceed to take control of the land of Britannia, passing draconian laws (taking the Virtues to their absolutes. Donate to charity, or be executed, etc etc.) Lord Casc...err, Blackthorn, under the control of the Shadowlords, becomes King in place of Lord British.


Shamino and Iolo (party members from U4) manage to summon the Avatar (From Earth) to fight the Shadowlords. The avatar overthrows the forces of evil, destroys the shadowlords, and rescues Lord British...blah blah blah :)

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Could the following people please contact me on ICQ or email for a delivery time


Martyna Zmuir - Great lakes- 1 million

Pfloyd - Pacific - 1 million

Kahn - Sonoma - 1 million




Still waiting..

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