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Training made fun (or at least less repetitive)

fun made repetitive training

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This guide was written in order to increase the profits off training characters.
The method for this is simple, by combining crafting with combat skills.

In order to pull off the "free training" templates, I suggest using only basic warrior or mage templates. Taming may work as well, but the point is to allocate no more than 500 skill points to your "survival" skills and dedicate the rest to crafting.

Basic templates

100 (or 120) weaponskill
100 tactics
100 anatomy
100 healing
100 (or 80) focus

100 (or 120) magery
100 evaluate intelligence
100 meditation
100 (or 80) focus
100 wresting / resisting spells / hiding (these skills are optional)

100 taming
100 animal lore
100 veterany
100 magery (to heal/cure yourself and gate your pets)
50 evaluate intelligence
50 meditation

These are the main basic templates.
Ofcourse there are alot of varieties and other options, but the important part is to limit your skill investment to 500.

Crafting skills

100 lumberjacking
100 bowcraft and fletching or carpentry

100 mining
100 tinkering or blacksmithy

100 tailoring (stand alone)
100 inscription (recommended for mage template)

If you combine these skill templates, you can train your crafting skills while you training your hunting skills. Animals often have hides and other resources, dungeons can be mined (make sure you have a firebeetle for smelting with you), spells can be casted off crafted scrolls, slain tamed animals can be used for resources as well, etc. etc.

This would make training skills alot less generic as you can gain while playing the game and it should keep things not only more interresting but more profitable as well. Most importantly, you gather your own resources to train your skill so it won't cost you a penny.


When you are busy raiding dungeons, it's recommended (in trammel) to park a packhorse outside and drop off your crafted valuables (like studded leather items or weapons) to sell these in towns to make some cash.

A lumberjack/tamer can often do some decent training in the woods, by taming the animals you find and stripping the trees of lumber (and then use that lumber to craft items).

As stated before, dungeons can be mined. Very little people do this, so there should be plenty of ore to gather. If you are riding a firebeetle then you got a forge with you so keep the ingots coming. Outside most dungeons player houses can be found with anvils inside them so you can use your ingots for crafting.

You don't nescessarily have to use the resources yourself, alot of players are in demand for resources and if you make deeds out of them you can rake in alot of gold by selling those deeds.

If you later decide you no longer need the crafting skills, you can always soulstone them to a pure crafter and specialize your survival skill to make more of a killing machine of a character. Needless to say the templates listed here are for basic fighting only. Don't expect a fighter/crafter or mage/crafter to stand much of a chance in PvP or during champ spawns.

This guide was written for newbie characters, so the skills listed and their values are goals.
While training combat/survival and crafting skills, all of them will eventually rise during regular gameplay. Basically, this guide is an alternative to grinding.




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I really like this idea. Especially when you factor in soulstones and soulstone fragments...you can train a bunch of these hybrids, and stick the bits together once you have the crafting skills to make a dedicated mule :)

Also factor in the bag of sending. Charges are cheap and it isnt based on weight anymore.




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A really good idea considering my wife & I just moved shards to start again, could use the extra fun :-)

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