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*looks over the babble and does not see much to bather about really, shrugs and walks away*

Sad is it not when all the babble and bather is pretty boring. *grins* I am presently enjoying the mountains and scenery in Banff B.C. and will be coming home to Montreal Canada late tonight. Will be back at work tomorrow. Have fun people. Duncan

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September, October... He's got a tan until the frozen North kills his complexion again. Then I can stop being envious. :D


By the by, is it just me or were the Halloween decorations going up in the middle of August O_o ? Maybe its just the strangeness of where I am at, but its kind of weird in the local market here seeing Halloween mixed with Christmas crafts.

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There is this one movie, its not so much a horror, its called Session 9.... just will -not- pick that thing up again to watch. Ending, creepy nasty.


13 Ghosts. By far a favorite. Not really horror tho.


'It' ... is always a good classic tho the book(s) is/are by far better.


I suppose I'm a sucker for the oldies like Children of the Corn and Alfred Hitchcock.


The Ring was good, i agree with Markus there.

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