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Ok if I am going to Babble I need a topic in which to babble about. Without subject matter to discuss what is the point to having a babble thread. I mean come on do we just talk incoherently about any and all things that pop into our minds at any given moment and hope there will be a deep, intereasting, and thought provoking discussion. That seems to be alittle chaotic at best and since the Knights Templar fight for Order then this just cannot do. We need to come up with a structured format for this thread, as well as an orderly posting order so that everyone gets equal oppertunity to post. These above mentioned ideas are but the bear minimum for a proper Templar thread. So for the record I would like to suggest...


Ignoring this post as I am just Babbling!!!

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I have a scary babble story for ya'll. When I was very very young... about 2-3 years of age my mum sent me to a sunday school which was in an old saxon church. There were crypts in the back of them, some of which were buried knights. They had a sarcophogus with an engraving of a figure on some of them with their hands in prayer.


At this delicate age I used to sneak into the crypts, much to the dismay of the vicar and hold the hands of one of the figures and start to talk... the vicar found me and warned me not to go there but every sunday I would go into the crypts.At this early age I had no concept of such things as death or ghosts or whatever. Anyhow my mother removed me from the sunday school and I screamed to go to church, she took me to another church where I had a massive temper tantrum (Being a toddler and all) that I wanted to go to the other place where the crypts were...


strangely I had no fear and felt welcomed... I still remember it to this day and feel sad. My last wish is to have my ashes scattered at this church if possible.


btw- Wrote this as my alt. Shannon Maclean is mt KT Character ;)

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Hmm creepy babble....


Last year I was still based in Muenster westfalia in germany.. The base used to be an Old Military base taken in WW2.. I was alone late at night in the officers mess celler one evening when the temperature suddenly dropped to around near freezing my breath started to mist. And I started hearing banging from else where in the building..


Now I had the only keys to the building on me.. i was the only person in the building and I had locked the door when i entered.


now I don't normally beleive in hauntings but that scared the Cr49 outa me.



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Officers scared of ghosts =) no I can imagen. I spent some nights alone out in the Swedish forests when I was in the military, great experience, yet I was scared too. Finally they caught me and I had to do the "Prisoner test" Consisting of this:




Standing with a bag over your head for 6 hours listening to some Communist-left wing verse that went over, and over, and over....


Some collapsed! I was more devastated the day after =)


The one leading the exercise had done it for 48 hours I think.

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So now I find the babble thread! Not before husband did tho.


He never told you of the house we had, if you want scary babble stories that's definetly one.


I dunno, vacations is something I do not get. I travel alot anyway due to lifestyle so I really don't know where I would want to visit, if I could. Just for the history behind it I would love to go to Cyprus.

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I need a vacation....

someplace, I dunno, cuddly.


Augh. These Evil people have outsourced our shard as a 'shard of immortality' someplace. Whoever has the Europa shard, can you please take it out of the shoebox it was dumped in right now and turn the lights back on? We'd really like to play now.

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Sorry for my inactivity at this time.

My time for UO is greatly limited now that ive just started a new job and moved to a new place. And the time I do have for playing goes into exploring SA in all the ways possible. This will change tho, in the not too distant future im sure hehe.

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