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For those in the beta: could you please test...

- - - - - beta test

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    Infamous King of Typos

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I as a lot of others wasn't lucky enough to make into the beta, but I thought I start a thread where we can submit things we would like to have tested.
I know people won't be able to give more feedback than an "I will look into it" or maybe even an "I have looked into it", but that would be already a good thing. Because being a dedicated KR player I know of some bugs and problems that I wouldn't like to see again when SA comes out. And maybe a bug report from a first round beta tester count's more then the ones I submitted. Or maybe they are already fixed. But as said before, would be nice if someone looked into it.

So here goes:

  • Bandage bug: In KR when you have X bandages in your bank box and take Y out and drag it into a hotbar (for bandage self) you will get the message "This item is to far away" and have amount X displayed in your hotbar once you walk away from the bank
  • Circle of Transparency: Didn't real good in KR, especially in player houses as it also worked on the floor. Also worked on your current target, what was helpful sometimes and annoying on other times. Had also to be reactivated on login sometimes.
  • Dropping Items: In KR it is real hard to drop item without dragging them into the black area of the before, so they stuck to the cursor. Especially bad in player houses, so decorating is a pain.
  • Client Crashes: obvious one here. One crash I frequently have (although not every time) is when I loot my own corps
  • BB_enhanced: Are already existing skins for KR working for SA?
  • Macros: can macros from KR be imported?
  • wailing banshees and frost oozes: the art for the mobs was still missing in KR, displaying imps instead.
  • Hair: the hair of my elf sometimes seems to fall to his neck and also lies next to her when she dies (on the toon, not the paperdoll
Hmm... that was all I have on the top of my head, but I'm sure I will think of more and so may others.

Have fun testing! I envy you, but as I'm going on vacation for 3 weeks I wouldn't be a very effective tester anyway. Maybe I have an invite for the next round when I return (hope still lives ;)).




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I can test them - but I cannot report on results until the NDA is lifted. Sorry :)



    Infamous King of Typos

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I can test them - but I cannot report on results until the NDA is lifted. Sorry :)

Thanks! I know you can't say anything. But the important thing is, that it gets tested, not that I know of the results ;)

More things that popped into my mind:

  • Map, Paperdoll and Backpack: You always have to re-open these upon login in KR. No biggie but annoying
  • Plotting a course: You can't plot courses in KR and hand the map to the tillerman of you boat.
  • Games: Ingame games like chess do not work in KR
  • Regular Dyes: there is no slider for brightness in KR. The whole gump looks unfinished
  • Trading gump: I always have to click the "accept" button twice in KR
  • Auto-unequipped items: Items that land in you backpack by being auto-unequipped (for lack of a better term) like armor and weapons and also ethereal mounts when you dismount land just somewhere in your grid-layout backpack. This is annoying because sometimes you have to scroll down to find them again. Items that are dragged upon other items, that are dragged on the bag itself or artifacts that drop - all these arange themselves correctly in the first free grid spot.
  • The Friends List: Although a good feature, it is rather buggy in KR. For example, you can't remove someone from it, who isn't online.



    Advanced Member

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I like this thread. I have a bunch of things I'd like to see tested too, but cannot as I have not (yet) made it into the beta. I don't expect to hear back, but I'll mention a couple that I'd like beta testers to look into.

-Lots of mobs/particle effects in the KR client. Could you please head to a champ spawn, preferably one with a lot of spellcasting (undead or abyss are ideal) and get 20 or so mobs on the screen casting spells? In the KR client, this often causes crashes for me, and always causes a horrible slowdown (down to around 1-2 FPS).

-I'll add to the dropping items point: sometimes they don't stick to the cursor, they just bounce back into the backpack. Actually, most times for me -- actually dropping anything in that client is very difficult.

-Targetting: If I remember correctly, target nearest works very unpredictably in KR. I say if I remember correctly, because I found it to be such a pain, I just switched my target nearest macro to target next and never looked back. But it's always annoyed me that I have to tab through everything on the screen to get to what I want.

-Health bar color: In KR, sometimes when you get poisoned, your health bar will stay green even when it's cured. Sometimes when you get mortal struck, your health bar will stay yellow even when MS wears off or is removed.

-Boats: These are nigh-unusable in KR -- they are incredibly jerky and slow the client down to a crawl. If you watch closely while going forward, you can actually see the boat being taken apart at each "old" coord and being put together, piece by piece, at the "new" one.

That's all I've got off the top of my head. Cheers to the testers if you get a chance to help the team on this stuff.



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The Main thing I wanted to do in the beta was try the new race and it's skills


Warrior of Time

Warrior of Time


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I think that all of the thing that you have listed in this thread have not only been worked on but completely fixed before UO/SA beta started. I was in a study group that was finished over a year ago. (before the recycle bag) A long list of things was asked for and turned in at that time. I know I turned in over 250 by myself. Some since then I have actually seen they had fixed. People not playing UO/KR at the time had no idea they was a problem.

Some that still remain I turned in that they will fix is
Committing a house that was built in 2 d that tiles was erased the house could not be worked on and committed in UO/KR even if nothing was changed.
The tile that blocks the passage going into Nix when you try to go in. (may need to walk in a couple times)
The blocking tile at the door to Labyrinth door
And the black hole that is at location 53o-0N , 25o22' E at Labyrinth
among other unfixed items that have not been fixed in UO/KR they know about and most likely fixed when UO/SA comes out.
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