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Some of our members got together and we did a dungeon crawl in Shame last night.

Purpose was to help each other with skill gains, but mostley get together and have a little fun.

Fiona found a black horse she didnt remember she had and brought it. Knut Boolt brought along his newly tamed polar bear, the bear lasted a fairly long time before the elementals bested it.

MONTAR hacked and slashed his way with his Luna Lance. Seagrams Seven used his wicked bardich and Malia used her black magic and another black horse to even the score.

Lord Darkfire, used his black arts skills to his advantage casting EV's, that desimated the the elementals for the fertile dirt he seeked.

Oh and Lady Elaina led us thru all the dark areas, a fine Lady and she didnt mess a hair on her newly quaffed do. (Phoenix had to stay behind and tend to Lady Elaina's affairs.)

After the crawl we gathered outside to talk about the adventure and congradulate each other.


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