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FYI - Redwood Shores under Ophidian Attack, Shards Threatened!

- - - - - attack fyi ophidian redwood shards shores threatened

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Queen Mum

Queen Mum

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Posted in the News & Developers Forum ...

Received from Wilki..

Shores under Ophidian Attack, Shards Threatened!

Jul 29 2006 12:50AM GMT (PST +08:00)

As we were coming back from lunch today, they noticed that the security forces here at EA Redwood Shores were fully engaged in battle with what appeared to be Ophidian warriors! Quickly running inside, preparations were made to counter the inevitable onslaught.

Though many EA employees have fought valiantly throughout the afternoon, it appears that our time here is growing short; the Ophidians are currently assaulting the elevators and it is now plain that our hopes of repelling these giant snakes were in vain.

Draconi has been busy coordinating our defenses, but he just sent word that his calculations now show a 100% chance that the Ophidian force will reach all shards and take them offline at approximately 7:45PM PDT today, July 28th (2:45AM GMT July 29th).

Fortunately, once the Ophidians have taken control of all shards, we expect them to only be offline for only approximately one hour while the Ophidian Shamans teleport the entire invasion force into UO. Hopefully someone will be along to resurrect us before too long after they have departed. Good luck, and may you have better luck fighting the Ophidians than we did!

and more information came from Wilike (UO Community Coordinator) when he answered a post on UOHall Stratics .....

Is the Inu storyline going again, or is the Ophidian invasion to keep us occupied until it does restart?

This is part of the Inu storyline. We had the Ophidian plot planned prior to the delay, so we rewrote the story a bit to fit the new timeline. This isn't drastically different than what you would've been doing at this point if nothing had changed.

Tonight, the real fun begins. :-)



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Posted Image

"No need to worry. It could be worse, but I assure you that there are NO Ophidians in Redwood City. WILKI is alright and he will have his BiG Announcement soon."

*I couldn't help myself :P




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HA HA HA HA.....






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lol... nice.

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