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You're Invited To The Festival Of The Way! [Baja Event]

- - - - - baja event festival invited

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*A message from the quill of Shae, Society of Rogue Elites*

The Festival of the Way

Some of ye mayhaps have heard of the one named The Widow, and some of ye mayhaps not.

The Widow, is a mysterious fortune teller who has seen a grand festival on its way. This festival is to honor an old and long forgotten powerful Thaumaturge who had passed on many, many years ago and the Four who traversed to his entombment but alas did not make it. Below is the storyteller Ceno, Lord of the Way's rendition of these events that took place.

And so on Friday the 8th May of 2009, we shall honor the Thaumaturge and the Four by reenacting their journey; when we reach the end we shall revel! So come one and come all to a grand celebration and help us turn this into the first TRUE Ultima holiday. We hope to hold this every year and hope to have all shards one day partake in the festival every second friday of the fifth month.

When: May 8th, 2009
Time: 8:00PM Pacific
Where: Castle Britannia (Lord British's Castle)
Note: Players from all shards are welcome to participate in the procession.


Written by Ceno, the Lord of the Way
Baja Shard

Many years ago there was one of the greatest Thaumaturge's of our lands history to date. He was revered and honored where ever he may be but spent most of his time in the City of Dawn, which laid between Britain and Trinsic and the city was suspended in time, never aging. He would visit Dawn often so he could further advance his understanding of art arcane. But sadly, with all his knowledge of the art arcane he was not able to save himself from an unknown illness. And so in honoring the thaumaturge he was to be entombed in the most magical of places, in the center of the City of Dawn. Throughout the land the people planned to gather and celebrate the passing of such a great thaumaturge, one particular group consisted of four travelers seeking passage to the City of Dawn.

The first, was a shepherdess and the thaumaturge's niece. The second, was a bard whose voice was known throughout the Realm. He would go to sing the dirge. The third, was a provisioner, a simple seller of rations, who secretly practiced the dark arts in the cellar of his shop. He would go hoping to steal the ring that the Thaumaturge was rumored to wear. Some believe that this ring held the Thaumaturge's true power. And the fourth, was a young, strapping fighter. Who went simply to see the spectacle.

And so, the four filled their skins with the Water of Life which still flows to this very day from the Fountain in Lord British's Castle. They set out on the second friday of the fifth month from the Castle and made their way South towards Trinsic. But alas, they never made it, nor did they ever find the City. For perhaps they did not know its secret way of entering the city where the two moons Felucca and Trammel had to align just right and the gate would only open for a very short period of time.

And so, it is said that the four would wander North to South, and then South to North. season after season searching for The Way. Soon the shepherdess began to look over her shoulder and swore she saw some sort of dreadful ghost wearing a hooded shroud dyed the deepest, darkest black anyone has ever laid eyes upon and the material seemed as if it were as light as the air itself was following them. But whenever any of the four would turn to look, the hooded figure was no where to be found.

They wandered for many seasons until their very tracks would make the road which runs to this day from Britain to Trinsic. This would become the main thoroughfare of our World, and would shape this Realm into the cities and settlements which we all know today. And the City of Dawn, now a Kingdom, has since emerged from the Ethereal Void which it once was and rests east of the dungeon Wrong on the felucca side of the Baja shard.

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