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A History of RP on Europa

- - - - - europa history rp

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All content supplied by Europa RP'rs and compiled by Seriya D'Lacy who gave her endorsement as follows.

" by all means repost this and re-use this wherever you think people might be interested in it. "

A History of RP on Europa


No document like this could ever be complete, nor should it claim to be. It is the amagamation of many contributions from all over the community. And like any history, it is only as wide as the range of the authors who contributed, and only as accurate as their collective memories.

Adding to this history and updating it with more recent and current events is a community job, and needs YOUR contribution. If you find something you think is important has been left out, then put the information - including when it happened! - in a new thread on this board, and ask one of the mods to edit it in at the proper place.

Thank you.

A history of Sosaria - Europa facet

August 1997
  • Lord British has an unfortunate accident. While giving a speech to a bright-eyed Britannian crowd, the King is engulfed in flames and spent some time in the realm of the dead. However, with the aid of his companions, he is revived shortly thereafter and finishes his speech, much to the delight of those in attendance.

  • Lord British loyalists increase their hold on Vesper after hearing of a rebel group, led by a Lord Xel’Naga, coming forward to claim the city after they had "obtained" it through the "will of the king".
  • Sylis Larpet starts a rebellious campaign against the loyalists under the name of the Free Vesper Militia.
  • After many months of war, Sylis Larpet stands down as leader and promotes his successors Legolas and D'angelo to lead the army.
  • The Knights and Mages of Kha come from the west and claim the village of Cove as their home, aligning themselves to no side other then their own.
  • Orcs, coming from Cove, invade Vesper. Kha taxes Vesper for their services to stop the horse while they are still in Cove.
  • Kha eventually breaks their peace treaty and declares war on Vesper, under an alliance with Lord British.
  • Dawn of the so-called "Second Age", heralded by the discovery of the "Lost Lands" and the cities of Papua and Delucia.

  • Kris Quicksilver is founding the Healers of Europa (HLR), that guild will be one of the founders of the fair town of Valoria, enclosed by the mountains north of Minoc.
  • Legolas and D'angelo leave the Free Vesper Militia. Leadership falls to Marco Neo.
  • The Knights and Mages of Kha and the Lord British Loyalists fight out a last battle for Vesper. They are victorious, and Vesper falls for several months to Lord British. The rebels meanwhile hide in the village of Morning Star.
  • Lord Elliot of the Lord British Army is sent to Vesper to oversee the war effort shortly before the anti-loyalist rebels make their next move.
  • The rebels find allies with the Crimson Rogues of Yew, the Village of Morning Star and the Order of the Virturi. Together they beat back the loyalists, and the rebels win control of Vesper.
  • Xel'Naga leaves the Lord British Loyalists and the remnants of his force merges with the Lord British Army.
  • The Knights and Mages of Kha go into hiding, from which they won’t emerge until years later.
  • The Free Vesper Militia and the Loyalists end the war and decree Vesper a Free City.


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February 2000

* The Invasion of Trinsic. A massive army of undead lays siege to the once peaceful city of Trinsic. Due to the overwhelming odds, the dark army manages to conquer the city under the leadership of Juo'nar and the Dark Mistress Minax. All hope seemed to be lost, but noble Britannians from all over rally together and later reclaim the city from the clutches of evil.

April 2000

* Trinsic retaken by loyalist forces under leadership of Dupre
* Lord British and Nystul use their powers to split the land, leading to the creation of two mirror image facets - Trammel and Felucca (named after Sosaria's two moons)
* Soon after this so-called Renaissance, the Healers of Europa move to Trammel and their new Leader Anna Fairweather builds the Healers Headquarters and Hospital as first building on the land that later becomes Valoria.
* Lord British disappears. Rumors fly on the wind about the disappearance of the King. Some claim he was abducted by Mongbats, while others insist that it was the work of more malevolent forces.

May 2000

* The Lord British Army renames and reforms to become the Britannia Guards, under the leadership of Lord Elliot.
* The Britannia Guards are sent to war with Vesper once more, but Elliot betrays Lord British to aid the people of Vesper, after learning that previous war had been instigated by Xel'Naga and had not been the will of the King.

July 2000

* The Free Vesper Militia reforms into the "Vesper Militia" under a Council elected by Vesper. Initial members of the council consisted of Marco Neo, slow, Oona Moonstone, Elliot and Mara Levis.
* The paladins of Kult build the Castle of Geburah, the great keep that occupies the center of the northern Vale, which is later known as Valoria
* The De Vega Family builds a large tower in the vale north of Minoc. Later this house becomes Valoria's first meeting hall and runelibrary.

September 2000

* Lynn the Necromancer invades Britannia and the Dark Alliance is formed. Stonekeep, Spiritwood and Deepwater form the Gathering of Hope. Lynn is captured by the Guardsmen Militia, however in an epic battle (which saw Lynns armies shattered in Stonekep) she is rescued by the Crimson Rogues, Liberi Fatali and Sebered Head Orcs. Sometime later Lynn vanishes.
* The Knights Templar, having settled on the northern coast of the continent, have attracted craftsmen and their families to aid them. Around the Keep of Beaufort, the Township of Templewood is founded from the ranks of the Masonic Order with Mayor Vincent Sinclair at its top.

October 2000

* Mayor Vincent Sinclair steps down from his office and passes on his privileges and duties to a young blacksmith by the name of Rangarig. His brother, Torian, joins the Knights Templar and serves them dutifully.

November 2000

* Dragon Knight Jordan Smithe, aided by King Talysman of the Knights of the Eternal Circle and Pad O'Lion of Spiritwood, deceives Warbozz Karth, leader of an orcish clan, into trading Sardisha Li'Sant for the Stone of Love. Maia Redhaeri appears in the ensuing chaos and takes the stone for herself, leaving no trace except a short note describing her intentions for the 'traitor' Smithe. The orc Karth is killed in the struggle, but Sardisha remains safe.
* Ikus Middlethorn becomes Duke of Trinsic with Drago as his marshall
* The Duchy of Trinsic establishes alliances with forces in Dreamstone, Moonglow and the Skara Brae Rangers. There are plenty of troubles with the Crimson Rogues who often managed to steal and plunder from the citizens of Trinsic and other loyalist towns.
* Initial contact between the Duchy of Trinsic, the Knights Templar and the Township of Templewood is created in a meeting between Ikus, Orlando and Rangarig in the Duchy Tower. It was generally agreed that they all talked too much!


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January 2006

* Octiovus returns to Cove and takes back power from Eason. He says the only reason he joined the Militia in Yew in the first place was that Klion held his mother hostage.
* A gargoyle healers is brought to Trinsic as a final attempt to cure Irvyn, who’s still on death’s door. The gargoyle claims to have a recipe for a cure, but the ingredients must be ground up in the legendary "Mortar of Minax". The mortar was found in Minax’ laboratory in Vesper museum and is in possession of Twothumb, who doesn’t want to give it up. There are intense negotiations as the Trinsicians, led by Baroness Moiraine, try to obtain the mortar. But just before a peace treaty that would allow Trinsic to borrow the mortar can be signed, the mortar is stolen by unknown thieves.
* The people of Trinsic evacuate the town, which is becoming more and more corrupted and diseased. They travel to Ilshenar in the hope that the waters there will help the ailing duke
* Covetous Mountain erupts. Minoc escapes relatively unscathed, but Vesper is engulfed by smoke and lava, and many buildings damaged. Twothumb evacuates the Vesperians to Lakeshire in Ilshenar
* Both the Trinsic and Vesper parties are haunted by mischieveous fairies in Ilshenar. Most the springs and wells are also cursed. There is some tentative cooperation as the old enemies study the fairy curses.
* The old tensions quickly return when the Vesperians learn that the Trinsicans have found the lost Mortar of Minax. Twothumb, Kaelith and Eason confront the Duchy and its allies at the Shrine of Dondinia and demand the mortar is returned. When Moiraine claims she has not got it and refuses to reveal where it is hidden, the Covians take her hostage. The Duchy reacts by declaring war on Cove, and free Moiraine a few days later. The mortar has not been seen since.
* Clues left behind by the fairies lead Trinsic’s to a "sword of ice" hidden in the depths of a balron’s lair. The duke, somewhat stronger thanks to the healing powers of the springs under Reg Volon, believes that if he is stabbed through the heart with the sword, this will lift the curse on Trinsic, and after a few days return himself to life too, cured. Trinsic spends an anxious week waiting if its leader will be returned; to the general relief he is, and the people return to a renewed Trinsic. The cursed tree however remains, and various parties including the Shadow Court continue to investigate it in the coming months.
* Vesper scours Ilshenar and the fairies for ways to stop the volcano erupting on its home. Eventually, a solution is found, the raw materials gathered. The volcano stops spewing fire and smoke. Vesper returns to rebuild its houses.
* The recovered duke negotiates a ceasefire with Vesper and Cove, despite strong objections from Moiraine.

February 2006

* As the rift between her and Irvyn deepens, Moiraine retreats into her private life and is seen only very infrequently. Captain Kuro-Karasu shoulders many of the duties of the dukes deputy.
* Despite its disagreements over the mortar, Trinsic and Vesper sign a non-aggression pact
* At a party in Vesper, Odenetheus and his Nujel’m henchmen manage to place a curse on Twothumb. They force him to effectively sign over full control over Vesper to the Collegium. If any Vesperians oppose the Collegium in any way, Twothumb and his family suffer greatly for it. The Vesperians desperately seek a way around the curse but are forced to cooperate for the time being.
* Others take note of Vesper’s plight. The Collegium, which was initially welcomed in many places, is now viewed with distrust.
* Odenetheus invites his old friends of Yew to Vesper, threatening to forcibly unite the north (Vesper, Cove and Yew).
* Odenetheus disappears very suddenly and without a trace. Millionaire businesswoman Phae Quaintly disappears at the same time; people speculate about a connection

March 2006

* The curse on Twothumb appears to weaken and then disappear entirely shortly after to Vesper’s relief
* The non-aggression treaty between Trinsic and Vesper comes under strain through several attacks on Trinsic by Vesperians, led by Hanse Davion, and some more disorganised attacks by the Vesper Trade Company. Other Vesperians, notably Kaelith, want to save the peace and call for Hanse to be extradited to stand trial.
* Naeloth finally abandoned. The Poisoned Elf tavern closes, only the famous Naeloth Library remains of the city.
* Carnage in Delucia and the entire population is found killed. Earl d’Orsay seems to attempt to limit the damages and the spreading of disease as he places the entire town under quarantine. Little is seen or heard of him since.
* Odenetheus of Nujel’m, freshly returned, purchases the East Covian Trading Company, and renames it 'the Collegists' Trade association".
* Loyalist troops sent by the Council in Britain march into Vesper, ousting Twothumb's separatist regime, and bringing "law and order" to the city - enforced by frequent raids and patrols by the Yew Guardsmen. The Vesperians retreat to their hideouts.

April 2006

* The Freedom Fighters make a short-lived but bloody reappearance in Trinsic, threatening life and limb with their explosives
* The exiled Vesperians, outraged at Kain Twothumb's apparent caving-in to the loyalist and payment of reparations to Trinsic, Yew and others, announce plans to elect a new leader
* The Kaldorians resume their search for the broken magical axe, Glory
* The Collegists' Trade Association separates wholly from Covian rule, and renames itself 'the Greenwood Trading Company', still remaining under Collegium rule.

May 2006

* The loyalist occupation of Vesper turns increasingly violent, with several buildings burnt down
* Most citizens of Vesper are relocated to Yew, including the Swaggers' staff which end up running the Yewish tavern for a while instead. However, the move is shortlived, and the Vesperians return to their (occupied) home within a few days
* All citizens of Britannia are summoned to Britain for a moot - a peaceful Council at which disputes are to be debated as well as games and festivities held.


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January 2001

* For several months over the course of the year, hordes of Orcs invade and attack various Cities in the realm. The Healers of Europa have a busy time; their mobile infirmaries, easily recognizable by a huge red cross, are installed almost daily at various places.
* The Healers of Europa and Kofu son of Scar's Order of the Ebon Hand (OEH) found the Town of Valoria in the area by the North Minoc Mines.
* Ryan Lightblade and Cypher Baralis open the Sword and Shovel Tavern in Valoria
* Ikus marries Isolde, who become Duchess of Trinsic
* Alliances formed with Trinsic Council of Honour, Britannia Guards, Yew, Skara Brae, Knights Templar, the White Order of Britannia, the Fellowship for Light and the Trinsic Militia

February 2001

* The Order of Virtue (TOV) and the Knights of Aldemeir (Ald) join Valoria.
* Izarh takes over leadership of the Healers of Europa from Anna Fairweather
* The Valorian City Guards are formed to protect the fair town of Valoria from all the nasties. They are the permament guards of the town, taking some weight away off of the Order of the Ebon Hand's shoulders.
* Trinsic has its first contact with the Ilythiiri Dobluth Empire (IDA), the forerunner of the Empire of Naeloth, the home of the outcasts, vampires and drow. Led by their Master Xirzin De'Muz they are a constant threat, but the loyalist forces manage to hold them back with solid defences and several attacks.
* After an un-easy peace is declared with the Britannia Guards, Elliot leaves Vesper with the Twothumb family to watch over the city. Elliot is never seen again. Quinn takes over control of the Britannia Guards.
* The Knights Templar help Vesper rebuild.

March 2001

* Ilshenar discovered.
* In the first meeting of the community of Valoria, a towncouncil is voted: Izarh, Hotaru Kaio, Falish Lightblade, Hunter, Winter Storm and Steve. Chairman of the Council is Grandpa

April 2001

* Evil drow from the Ilythiiri Dobluth Empire raid Valoria
* Captain Endo Durain resigns as Captain of the Valoria City Guards.
* The Final of the Miss Britannia 2001 beauty contest, inspired by Zen, takes place at the Valorian Meeting Hall. The Judges are Kofu, Kurt and Valfreyja, the finalists are: Riadnit (Miss Moonglow), Tamryn DeLacey(Miss Yew), Feral (Miss Minoc), Portfolio (Miss Skara Brae), Cen Taliana (Miss Jhelom) and Mailia (Miss Trinsic).
* Grand Ceremony and Honour Guard by the Knights Templar for the leaving of Lord Saul, held at the Lycaeum in Moonglow with almost 30 Templars in attendance as well as the blue-robed Counsellor Viator.
* Trinsic starts suffering attacks by the Sebered Hed Orcs, led by Saktoth, which manages to plunder the town many times.
* The vampire Angelus Moon of the Spectral Court starts to gain influence over Trinsic citizens. He takes control over some of the Duchy loyals by mind control, and takes the soul of Drago. It becomes a very dark time for Ikus, who sees his loyal friends become slaves.

May 2001

* The Healers of Europa and citizens of Valoria join the Spiritwood to Deepwater Peacemarch together with several other peaceloving people from all over our world.
* The council of Valoria signs the town's constitution.
* Guardsman Ragknock is promoted to Captain of the Valorian City Guards.
* Devalia and Olk Samsca of the Serpents Hold Mafia assail the Sword & Shovel Tavern in Valoria.

June 2001

* Anna Fairweather and Andor marrie in Valoria's own weddingchapel.

July 2001

* The Knights and Mages of Kha are reformed and return seeking forgiveness from Vesper. Vesper agrees and accepts them in friendship.
* Ikus forms the Trinsic Council of Honour, led initially by Mentazm. Tensions soon arise over Mentazm's anti-loyalist stance, though he is forced to back down on this.
* Ikus signs an alliance with the Trinsic Paladins of Honour and gives their leader Wolfric the title count and a county. Lady Nacho of Britannia Guards is given the title Knight of the Realm. This is celebrated with a great parade housing hundreds of loyalist supporters and allies.

August 2001

* Agreement of mutual military assistance made between Duke Ikus and Duke Pad O'Lion of Spiritwood.Mentazm hands leadership of the Trinsic Council of Honour to Kaine, who is more moderate in his views and more willing to work with the Duchy and Regency.
* The Order of the Virturi is disbanded after dark knights murder members of the Order. They flee and scatter and are never seen again.
* The Township of Templewood prospers under the rule of the Knights Templar and the Citizens of Templewood. Prince Orlando and Mayor Rangarig work together to establish a thriving community. The entire coastline belongs to the Township with over 40 buildings in total.
* Wedding between Mayor Rangarig and the young scribe Zenith. The loving couple work together in the leadership of the townfolk.
* A naming ceremony is organised to celebrate the creation of a new tavern in the Templewood town square. During this event, a Night Mare breaks from its master's control and injures a number of guests. Luckily, nobody is killed, but a name is found for the new tavern - "The Wild Mare".
* The Township of Templewood sees the death of some of its cattle and a few of its inhabitants. A deadly contraption is found to have poisoned the town's water supply and is, with the help of the Templars and many brave people from all across the lands, destroyed and the towns water supply restored.
* Ji’Masro Ghaun of the Cataclysm wages war on Trinsic in an attempt to take it over. He manages to take part of the town and almost succeeds in his quest to find the tear of Juo’Nar (a lich king). His forces, backed by the Empire of Naeloth, are strong and heartless, making this the darkest times in Trinsic's history since the undead invasion.
* The loyalist forces however manage to find the Sword of Honour, which offers great protection and powers against undead. As such the forces of the Cataclysm is finally beaten at the end of the year
August 2001
* A new threat emerges from the eerie crypts deep in the wild forests of Yew. Manshoon, an Undead revered as an "Ancient One", crystallises the shuffling undead into an organised force worshipping and controlled by the Guardian.

September 2001

* A faction of the Council led by Mentazm opens itself to corruption by an evil power known simply as "The Overlord". At a meeting of the Council, they proclaim their treachery openly by murdering the representatives of the Duchy and the other members of the Council present. The Council collapses leaving the Duke as the unchallenged ruler of Trinsic. Mentazm and his followers proclaim themselves the Overlords of Trinsic, a claim recognised by no-one except themselves but in which his followers persist to this day.

October 2001

* Regent Barahir Netanve visits Trinsic. Ikus swears fealty to him; Barahir confirms him in office and hands royal power over to him under the Treaty of Unification.
* Bran Gradnak becomes the new Tavernkeeper of the Sword & Shovel in Valoria
* The citizens of Valoria participated in the first Newcomers Fair which has been organized by a comittee consisting of Shri and Sims Roggran of the Spiritwood University, Izarh of the Healers of Europa, Abby of D@A, Einon Zarith of Spiritwood and Tyragh of Ravenmoor. The Fair was to help Newcomers and ran simultaneously in Skara Brae, Moonglow and Britain

November 2001

* Sims Roggran steps down as Chancellor of Spiritwood University and founds the Order of the Ankh. He married Ceinwyn, the University's Dean of Compassion, in a lavish ceremony held in Deepwater. Orcs kidnapped Ceinwyn immediately after the ceremony.
* The Naeloth vampire Angelus Moon, leader of the Spectral Court, visits Trinsic to try and get its people to help him against a rival vampire clan, in return for which he offers to stop Naeloth's attacks on Trinsic. Trinsic bluntly refuses, sending Angelus back empty-handed.

December 2001

* In Valoria Kofu son of Scar promotes Marcus Verne to acting Guildleader of the Order of the Ebon Hand
* A cult of so-called Judges emerges, led by "Judge Zen". They claim to represent "The Law", outlawing all forms of witchcraft, wizardry and necromancy, and anyone who does not ally themselves with the Judges. They try to outlaw religion, discourage the use of all languages other than plain Sosarian, and attempt to abolish the existing feudal system. To enforce the "Law" they hold "tax nights", supposedly to collect taxes - but the tax nights invariably end in large and bloody battles.
* The Duchy and its allies meet in Dreamstone, where they decide to oppose and fight the judges, despite the aid the Judges have given in Felucca to hunt murderers and bandits.


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January 2002

* Elias takes over leadership of the Overlords from Mentazm
* The Army of Kaldor - "invaders" from the distant land of Gorimdor - finaly gather its forces to start the campaign to conquer Sosaria as they regard it as their ancient homeland.Led by General Dravon Vlagshaw they begin thier campaign by launching attacks on Vesper after the completion of their base Strongholt.
* The Citizens of Valoria vote for a new council: Andor, Sister Genevieve, Bran Gradnak, Logan, Tussi de Luxe. Chairman of the Council is Kofu son of Scar
* Trinsic declares all out war on Naeloth drow and their allies. This became known as the second drow war. All drow and all those known to have Blackthorne sympathy are to be arrested on sight, trade with all known drow allies ceases. The streets run red with blood from both sides, but there is no decisive victory for either.
* Trinsic helps Dreamstone against orc raids from the Severed Hed orc tribe. The orcs retaliate by repeatedly attacking Trinsic directly. In the end, Duke Ikus has no other option than paying tribute to the orcs' leader Saktoth to stop the raids.

February 2002

* Lord Blackthorne returns to Britannia, having forced a dark alliance with the machine monster Exodus
* The "Valorian Vipers" (Logan, Temko, Ragknock and Lokita) play their first ever match of bagball against the "Spiritwood Yobs". The experienced Spiritwood Yobs trounce the Valorian Vipers 5 : 0
* Order of the Ankh moved to Trinsic. Sims Roggran becomes Baron, Aelred Bowmaker becomes first Bishop of Trinsic.

March 2002

* Ashoka naz'Ruidin, the vizier of Nujel'm, persuades the Judges to join her on the faraway island and uphold the law among its citizens (which at the time also include the Fellowship For Light, the White Order of Britannia and the Disciples of Darkness). The rest of Sosaria breathes a sigh of relief.
* Gerrick Adarastos along with a hearty crew of people moves from Dreamstone in Feluccan Yew to the isle of Magincia, forming the Magincia Merchant League. Some say that he received a letter from his dying father to take over his family's general trading business and this is why he returned to his home land.
* Trinsic is invaded by the forces of Blackthorn (Juka, Chaos Dragoons, Juggernauts, etc). The battles continue for several months but eventually the invaders are driven back. This war results in even closer relationship among the loyalist towns, particularly the badly-affected Yew. Crisis meetings were held in Britain in how to stop the attacking force.
* The huge losses inflicted by the Juka invasions result in many orphaned children living on the streets, trying to scrape a pitiful living, after their parents were killed in the invasions. Sally Buttons and Alyssa Wren take some of these children to live in the serfs' small house, which quickly becomes overcrowded and chaotic. Duchess Isolde of Trinsic takes pity on the children and has an unused building in the city converted into an orphanage, to house these unfortunate children. Her Grace appoints Sally to run the orphanage, which is to benefit from many charitable donations.
* Kamchack is appointed Count of Trinsic, succeeding Wolfric as head of the Trinsic Paladins of Honour.
* The De Vega Family opens the Valorian Runelibrary to the public. It is one of the biggest on Europa with 1280 runes in 121 runebooks

April 2002

* Trinsic sends nobles to help Vesper against the murderous Kaldorians over fears that if Kaldor were to win Vesper, they'd expand further into loyalist lands if Vesper would fall.
* An orcish clan from Minoc attacks and kidnaps the Templar Kurt and his wife. Kurt is banished by an orcish shaman to an unknown dimension and his wife is killed. Kurt is later saved by a man named 'Venom' d'Orsay, who disappears in the process.
* Minos Numenor appointed Sherrif of Trinsic. He implements law 468, which restricts trade in poisons and magic armour and forces Vesper tradesmen (who were known to be supporting rebels) to obtain a trade permit to trade in Trinsic. The law resulted in lot of arguments between the two towns, and almost resulted in war. However, it stays with many small skirmishes and fiery speeches by Ikus and Twothumb full of bitter accusations and counter-accusations. The hostile environment between Trinsic and Vesper that started here was to last for many years to come.
* The notorious criminal Nuala Sapphire is finally brought to trial in Trinsic, though her many victims stay disappointed with the outcome.
* The Overlords maim and slaughter everyone in Trinsic regardless of their affiliation, which results in their formal banning from the town for a while.
* Meanwhile Thorien, a follower of the Overlord, abducts Sally Buttons and forces her into marriage by threatening to have the bridesmaid's throat cut. Duke Ikus rules that the marriage was not lawful and orders it to be annulled. However, following an interview with the runaway couple by Bishop Aelred, it is found that the marriage had in fact been consummated, as the gullible serf had fallen in love with her captor. Ikus still decrees that they were forbidden to live together, which leads to protests, attempted suicide and rioting in the streets of Trinsic, until he relents two years later.
* In Magincia, Gerrick incorporates the capital from his father's business into his own fortune and makes the transition from businessman to politician. With no objections from the city's patricians and nobles, he merges his merchant chapter with the townsfolk, forming the Principality of Magincia. Gerrick, always fond of an impressive title, starts calling himself first Merchant Prince, then Prince of Magincia. Plans for the city are laid, and something resembling laws and a constitution are hastily drafted.

May 2002

* A hero emerges. Dawn, Royal Knight of Britannia, leads the fight against Blackthorn and Exodus.
* General Dravon Vlagshaw is recalled to Gorimdor to start a new campaign leaveing control of the army to General Paladis whom then forges an alliance with the present Vesper alliance and for many months, Kaldor is regarded as a staunch ally of the North, along with the Knights & Mages of Kha and the Vesper Trade Company. Lenar Isawa, commander of the Kaldorians under the leadership of General Paladis, even successfully governs Vesper as mayor for a time.
* The Township of Templewood falls more and more under attack by the drow from the Empire of Naeloth. Whilst the Templars are fervently defending the township at all costs, the Citizens attempt to keep the town serene and calm, ultimately failing due to the growing strife and disagreements with the Templars as battle is waged in the town.
* Mayor Rangarig steps down from his office, handing over the reigns to Anya, and chooses to retire to Spiritwood. Templewood slowly declines into no more than a garrison town under the sole rule of the Templars.

June 2002

* During a visit to Trinsic, the regent is subject of an assassination attempt. Many suspect the Vesperians behind it, but they deny everything, and deliberately seek to exacerbate the situation with Olof Twothumb making a public protest in Trinsic. Investigations are carried out but no firm proof is ever obtained due to the obstructionism from Vesper.
* In Magincia, Prince Gerrick opens the hitherto closed borders to encourage trade. The city's main export of fine leather and exotic woods lures many interested people, among them the Keepers of the Elements which go on to assisted the Principality with holding several very successful Trade Festivals. An embargo is kept in place on cider as it is feared that it could be poisonous, though some enterprising smugglers soon circumvent the embargo.
* The Valorian captain Ragknock proposes to Lady Tussi de Luxe. She accepts. It comes to rivalties between the Captain and Tancred of the Vesper Woodfolk, who also has an eye on the fair Lady.

July 2002

* Magincia receives a visit by Aelred Bowmaker, Bishop of Trinsic, who preaches about the virtues.
* A Magincian subgroup, the Romincians, depart and form a colony along the shores of the mainland. Their departure is attended by the Baron of Vesper and his people.

August 2002

* The blessings of the Overlord ceremony held in Trinsic, complete with the ritual slaughter on an altar of the Serf Molly – despite the best efforts of a large force of Duchy and Templars, which when trying to stop the ceremony were beaten back by the bloodthirsty Overlords.
* Baron Sims Roggran resigns and returns to the Order of the Ankh. Ikus appoints his cousin Irvyn as Baron. Not long after, Ikus decides to retire as duke for personal reasons, the Regent ratifies Irvyn as his successor. The Barony is conferred on Robert deCraon.
* The Britannia Guards, under leadership of Albion, leave their accustomed home in Trinsic to make a new life in Minoc, which at the time is ruled by Baron Robert Dart. After a few months, Dart vanishes, and the fat Jalabhar Xho takes over the reins. Around the same time Albion also departs, and leadership of the Britannia Guards passes to Cardinal Brown Moses.
* Miss Fyonnah Windwit becomes the new Tavernkeeper of the Sword & Shovel Tavern in Valoria

September 2002

* Trinsic Count Kamchack persistently undermines the authority of the Duke, leading to a state nearing civil war between the Paladins of Honour and the Duchy. The final straw comes when the Count marries Taranessa despite the Dukes refusal to sanction the wedding, and then insists on travelling to Minoc despite being banned from the city. The regent intervenes and the Count resigns, leaving Trinsic – taking with him a number of Paladins. Captain Pallin retires, and Vagablonde is appointed the new Captain of the Duchy Guard.
* Aelred hands over leadership of the Order of the Ankh and the Bishopship to Crowley.
* Prince Gerrick departs from Magincia to further his studies for the benefit of the city, prompting the search for a suitable magistrate to oversee the city in his absence. An initial plan to appoint a spiritual leader in form of an "Archpadre of Magincia" do not come to fruition. However, after an exchange of letters with the Guardians of Britannia, led by Montac, the Guardians agree to base themselves in Magincia and after time rename themselves as Guardians of Magincia. Montac rules over Magincia in Gerrick's absence.
* Wedding preparations are underway in Valoria for the marriage of Captain Ragknock to Lady Tussi de Luxe. The Knights Templar accept to provide a honour guard. Then Captain Ragknock disappears mysteriously. At the same time Tancred disappears too. Coincidence? Investigations led to nothing.

October 2002

* Irvyn marries Caroline Duvall, in a lavish ceremony attended even by the regent, Barahir Netanve.
* The Gates of Virtue ritual is performed in Trinsic. The intention was to strengthen its defences against magical attack, but those taking part in the ceremony were attacked by Naelothian drow, disrupting the ritual and causing the unexpected side effect of causing all recalling and gating in and out of Trinsic to become extremely hazardous.
* The battle of Barrier Bridge in Trinsic - using the ruse of "peace talks", Shaex D’Thargaz of Naeloth lures duke Irvyn into a trap, wiping out most the Duchy forces. The Knights Templar honour their alliance, and drive the Drow and henchmen from the city.
* Ikus appointed Lord Chancellor directly under Regent Barahir - a position he leaves after only a few months.
* Council Elections in Valoria. New Councillors are Egwene, Black Diamond, Zovvar Hastam, Salomon Majere, Torgoth de Vega and Defiler. Council Leader is Tussi de Luxe
* A horde of Blackthorns Minions and other Barbarians intrude the Valorian Woods and the Healers Campus. Together with the Knights Templars and the Army of Minoc they can be defeated.
* Valoria is threatened by the new Baron of Minoc, a certain Robert Dart, to give up its independence and become part of Minoc

November 2002

* The independence of Valoria is saved when Minoc is freed and Robert Dart driven away by the Vesperian Army
* Elves settle in Valoria and become part of the town
* First appearance of the Mugger's Union in cities all across Sosaria and are instilling terror and laughter in the hearts of their victims.
* A strange alliance establishes itself in the east of Trinsic, where the Mugger's Union, the Fellowship of Shadows and various other groups settle in what is henceforth known as "the Shades". A man named 'Venom' is identified as acknowledged leader of the Shades and the alliance. Duchy Guards retire from the area almost entirely and only enter it in great force.
* Trinsic sees a rise in crime, from theft, muggings, spying to the brief appearance of a drug named 'Pixie Dust'. The drug is contained and disappears from the streets, but it can never be fully resolved who is behind the production and sale of 'Pixie Dust'. Shades involvement is suspected.
* War breaks out between the Kaldorians and the Knights Templar, led by Prince Orlando. When the Kaldorians, aided by their allies from the Ebon Hand and the Darkcloaks, make war on the Templars' stronghold, the Beaufort, the Templar Marshall Philkaos and Sergeant of the Ankh Belinda turn the game on its head and launches a devastating attack on the Kaldorian fortification of Strongholt. Strongholt is badly damaged and burnt, requiring many months of repairs, and the Kaldorians are beaten back for the time being.

December 2002

* In retaliation for a trade embargo the leaders of Minoc had placed on trade with Vesper, the rebellious and fiercely independent Vesperians gather their allies and take the city by force. Minoc's residents and the Britannia Guards are forced to retreat to the surrounding forests while they call for help from the loyalist allies. The allies respond in force, and an army the size of it has never been seen since marches on Minoc for the Vesperians and their supporters wait. An almighty battle ensues. Despite the numbers stacked against them, superior Vesperian tactics win the day, and the loyalists are beaten back. In a show of generosity and good faith, Vesper's Baron Kain Twothumb withdraws from the city anyway.
* Slavers threaten Sosaria and the cities of Trinsic and Vesper under the leadership of the cruel Mehdi Ibn Salaad.
* Trade Agreement between Valoria and Lady Vizier Ashoka Naz'Rudin and the officials of the Sultanate of Nujel'm. Valoria holds bi-weekly markets in the streets of Nujel'm


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January 2003

* Moiraine, who had been resident in Nujel'm as advisor to Ashoka naz'Ruidin, returns to Trinsic citing disagreements with the vizier. She is appointed Justicar of Trinsic, in charge of law and order. Under her influence, Trinsic's long-standing hostility to the drow gradually softens. Over time, drow become tolerated in Trinsic unless they commit serious crimes - a stance that is grudgingly tolerated by Duke Irvyn.
* Fyonnah Windwit, Tavernkeeper of Valoria's Sword & Shovel Tavern, is kidnapped by Pirates - their Captain is her former husband. The pirates seize the tavern for several months. It remains unclear what they are after.

February 2003

* Melianteas is appointed as new Sheriff of Trinsic.
* An alliance between Valoria and Kult (KLT) is formed. Official signing of the treaty with many guests in the Valorian meeting hall and a big feast in Kult's Castle Geburah afterwards.

March 2003

* Sims Roggran leaves Trinsic to become Sheriff of Britain. While there, he has an affair with Anatah, the daughter of Kamchack's wife Tarenessa. His wife Ceinwyn leaves him as a result and has not been seen since; Sims does the honourable thing and marries Anatah instead.
* Under the rule of the new duke, the guards take a tougher line on crime and many of the Shades' inhabitants eventually disappear. No more is heard from the man named 'Venom'. A woman by the name of Nuala Sapphire from the Fellowship of Shadows takes his place.
* Solomon's Library in Valoria open its doors to the world.

April 2003

* The Valorians are in mourning as they receive the sad news that their Tavernkeeper and Friend Fyonnah Windwit has died in the grip of the pirates.
* VanQa becomes the new tavernkeeper of the Sword & Shovel in Valoria
* Shaex d'Thargaz, who'd led Naeloth in the absence of its founder and rightful leader Xirzin de'Muz, stands down, handing power to his consort Cean.
* Vagablonde retires and Reann is promoted to Captain of the Trinsic Guard.

May 2003

* Justice Moiraine revises and updates the Trinsic laws. For the first time, detailed sentencing practices are laid out.
* A strange man named Gabriel appears, the likeness of Ra'Karn but with blond hair, having come through the Black Gate at Nokhmahr. He threatens Sosaria and many work together to ultimately banish him.

June 2003

* Lord Blackthorn is defeated! During a speech given by the virtuous Dawn, Blackthorn orders his minions to attack the assembled masses. The battle is fierce, but in the end, the noble citizens of Britannia prevail, and Lord Blackthorn is slain.
* William Mason, Mayor of Britain, declares a state of emergency in the city due to the threat posed by Gabriel.

July 2003

* The Britannia Guards move from their exile in Minoc on to Skara Brae and start calling themselves the Skara Brae Rangers.
* During an evening of feasting in Skara Brae, Brown Moses' evil twin brother Aribes told a story and handed out strange trinkets to Kain Twothumb, Pad O'Lion of Spiritwood, Camigwen of the Darkcloaks and the Baron of Skara Brae, Dale Underwood. Each are cursed in different ways by the trinkets. Fighting each other and breaking the curse occupies everyone for a few weeks until the Khalings manage to banish Aribes using some "demon book".
* Prince Orlando retires as leader of the Knights Templar, handing the reins to Zaknafein.
* Xirzin returns to Naeloth and claims back the city. Cean refuses. A bitter war breaks out during the course of which Naeloth is frequently raided murderers and brigands, many of whom are angry at Cean's treatment. While Cean is eventually cast out, Naeloth never recovers from this bloody episode. The town remains a shadow of its former self.
* The Five Aces Gentlemen's Club opens in Trinsic.
* The Valorian House of Crafters opens its doors to working people.
* The Majere family opens The Valorian Museum, which contains some rares and historical items to help to keep the Valorian History.

August 2003

* Lord British returns, with his council. Lord Helrick of the council makes several visits to Trinsic and meets with Irvyn, thus tacitly ratifying the Dukedom.The Kaldorians begin to appear less overtly aggressive with Trinsicians than previously and even work together in the matter of tracking down some bandits.
* Kaldor is granted an embassy in Nujel'm
* Necromancers are found inhabiting the newly-discovered city of Umbra.
* As first town, Valoria establishes a mail-system. Lady Tussi de Luxe invents the "Mail-Box"
* The townlife in Valoria is paralyzed for several months as citizens contend with lifelike nightmares. An evil spirit by the name of Gurthadil possessed the body of a young elven maiden and performs most evil deeds, which resulted in VanQa, Elion and Tussi de Luxe being kidnapped, Black Diamond and Salomon Majere are seriously hurt in the burning of Salomon's Library.

September 2003

* Orcs, apparently working for Minax, launch an attack on Moonglow. Many rally to the city's defence, and there are many casualties, including Marksman Mistress Ellyn of the Yewish Militia
* Trinsic celebrates the anniversary of defeat of Minax and commemorates those who fell in battle against her. The festival lasts two weeks and is attended by people from all over Sosaria, including Lord Helrick from the Council in Britain.
* Trinsic Captain Reann retires and promotes Lieutenant Dargalin to succeed her.
* The Swaggers Inn opens its doors for the first time, under the leadership of Garret and Yiveth of the Vesper Trading Company. It is soon to establish itself as the main social point for all Vesperians, and focal point for all the activities in the rebellious North.
* Dale Underwood dies under mysterious circumstances (apparently mauled by a bear).

October 2003

* After some months in Skara Brae the Britannia Guards return to their old name and once again join forces with Trinsic, strengthening the local guard force. Jalabhar Xho is less and less often seen - except when he's gambling away fortunes at the poker table at the infamous Five Aces Club in Trinsic - and eventually disappears altogether.
* The first monthly Valorian Market takes place, with a great participation.

November 2003

* Kain Twothumb's brother Olof is murdered. The case is never officially solved but Kain blames Trinsic and uses this to try and forge a northern Alliance to march on Trinsic. Rumours circulate that the Britannia Guards are in fact responsible. Some further rumours suggest that they were put up to the deed by a third party, but that claim is never verified.
* Kaldor agrees a truce with Trinsic. Relations with Vesper are shaky, mainly because of Lenar's decision to forge a friendship between Kaldor and a rapidly-growing Drow house, the Von'Sah - the head of which, Fizzit, jointed the Army for some time. Drow are widely disliked and distrusted in Vesper and their presence is not welcomed - a view that is only reinforced by repeated raids by Fizzit.
* Life returns to the Shades with the reopening of the "Rusty Anchor Inn" under management of the young Nashra von Sahyn. Although her business seems legitimate to all those who examine it, she is suspected to hold close ties with criminals and the former leaders of the Shades.

December 2003

* The Bujin'Kai (TBK) from the far Land of Nihon move to Valoria and join the Valorian alliance


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January 2004

* First issues of the Sosarian Morning Poste appear in Sosaria. The premier newspaper informs us of all events ever since.
* The alliance between Kaldor and Vesper is shattered, and Lenar has his men swear allegiance to Trinsic.
* Caroline divorces Irvyn, having apparently taken a lover. The same lover is found murdered on the road to Britain shortly after.
* Britain sends an inquisitor to investigate Duke Irvyn over the murder. Irvyn places himself in his own prison to escape being hauled to Britain. Nashra von Sahyn, recognising the inquisitor as her hated brother Raziel, offers her help and that of the Shades.
* War finally breaks out between Vesper and Trinsic, after a fierce power struggle for command of the Vesperian army between the Covian governor Volchak (who was commander to begin with), mayor Borbarad and captain Kaelith (who eventually comes out on top). There are skirmishes at the village of Cove, and several battles in Trinsic. Having beaten the Duchy into submission a few times, Vesper retreats to the north. Kaelith's successful campaign is rewarded with a province of his own.
* Gurthadil, the evil spirit that terrorised Valoria, is defeated by the Elven sisters and their friends. Slowly townlife in Valoria returns to almost normal again.
* Brigands of the Crimson Claw, led by the legendary Raul, terrorise the towns. Somewhere along Raul looses his other ear, prompting the comment "Well, at least he looks more symetrical now!" The ear is reattached later.

February 2004

* Borbarad resigns abruptly as Vesper mayor.
* Twothumb decides to carve the land around Vesper into separate provinces and appoints governors for each. Controversially, one of the provinces is Cove.
* Twothumb admits defeat in war on Trinsic, claiming the odds are too much stacked against Vesper. Instead, Vesper will fight the groups he holds directly responsible for his brother’s death – Kaldor and the Britannia Guards.
* The Valorian House of Crafters establishs repair-hours twice a week for all and everyone who needs such service

March 2004

* Throughout the year, several prominent people are badly affected by nightmares, which are eventually found out to be the work of mysterious "dream senders". Investigations into this last for longer than anyone would think possible and go well into the next year.
* Lenar Isawa, after some spells of madness and countless arrests, steps down as Kaldorian commander and joins the priesthood.
* Relations between Trinsic and Kaldor sour after several attacks on Duchy guards by restless Kaldorians, which the new commander Cal Soulshadow – Lenar’s wife – struggles to stamp out.
* Kaldor and the Britannia Guards score several successes in the war against Vesper, successfully burning vital bridges in Vesper and even part of Twothumb's house.

April 2004

* The tide of the war turns against Kaldor and the Britannia Guards as Vesper and its allies force back the attackers and force them to barricade themselves in Cove, which governor Volchak surrenders with little resistance.
* Volchak is summoned to Vesper to explain himself for letting Kaldor and the Guards take Cove with barely a fight. Rather than face questioning and imprisonment, he commits suicide. His death is short-lived though, and he is once again seen only a few weeks later, remembering little of what happened.
* Ashoka of Nujel'm vanishes under mysterious circumstances on an expedition to explore some outlying islands, and is never seen again.
* Cal Soulshadow files for divorce from Lenar Isawa.
* The Knights of Virtue discover a spring with amazing healing powers at their home in Tel’Mar. the so-called Pool of Vitality is to be open to all.

May 2004

* Kaldor and the Guards abandon Cove and retreat by boat. Vesper claims victory though according to Kaldor, their retreat has nothing to do with the progress of the war, but is down to them receiving new orders to focus their campaign on Trinsic, which was easier to defend and strategically more important.
* Plague breaks out in Vesper, soon spreading to Trinsic.
* Fire wrecks Naeloth library. The library stays closed for repairs for many weeks, but a large section of irreplaceable documents are lost forever.
* Kaldor declares war on Trinsic barely a week after retreating from Vesper. After a short but bloody battle the Kaldorians win control of the city. However, they find that taking a city is a lot easier than holding it. A resistance movement is soon formed and giving her difficulties, and after a week or so of struggling to maintain order, a final battle is fought between Trinsic and its allies and the Kaldorians, which the Kaldorians lose. Cal Soulshadow gives herself up in exchange for the other Kaldorians being allowed to retreat, leaving the Duke and the old administration to return.
* Robert de Craon takes responsibility for various failures which permitted the Kaldorian takeover of Trinsic, and flees the city. Captain Dargalin is appointed to be Baron, with Tetsuo Shima replacing him as Captain of the Guard
* Lenar Isawa returns to Gorimdor, never to be seen again.
* Kaelith steps down as Vesper commander and joins the relatively new order of the Knights Hospitaller, also based in Vesper. Hanse Davion is made commander.
* Valoria's House of Crafters is cowardly emptied by a false 'Priest' of a dubious religious Order that settled in Valoria. The Valorians catch the thief and take everything back, and exile him from the town. With the aid of neighbour cities and friends of Valoria, Concordia is able to re-open the House of Crafters again.

June 2004

* Cal Soulshadow, who had been released from Trinsic jail on bail, returns to stand trial for her warmongering actions. The hope is that standing trial for the Trinsic occupation will mend relations.
* Kain Twothumb starts courting, being hotly pursued by Irvyn's ex-wife Caroline, Pyper Windemere of Loerdell and Tae'nu Ver, former foreign minister of Britain. Tae'nu Ver wins the race.
* The so-called "Vesper Ripper" leaves a murderous trail of corpses across the north. He is eventually caught and identified as Avery Little, and swiftly executed.
* Cal Soulshadow stands trial for war crimes, receives a light sentence – fine, 2 weeks exile and 40 lashes.
* Irvyn Middlethorn marries Eleanor Truearrow of Skara Brae in a quiet ceremony.
* The Rusty Anchor Inn closes. Nashra von Sahyn seems to have lost all support from her unknown backers and the trade license renewal is refused. Nashra hands over the inn to her successor and leaves the city. No more is heard from her.

July 2004

* The notorious slaver Mehdi Ibn Salaad is sentenced to death and executed in Vesper
* Undead march on Britain. Lord Helrick, Knight of Balance at Lord British’s Court, gathers the Royal Guard to oppose the evil forces of Marcus Forlan. The eventual epic fight sees the undead beaten back, but Helrick captured.
* Kain Twothumb survives assassination attempt.

August 2004

* Kain Twothumb marries Tae'nu Ver
* Octiovus Von Richter is appointed Baron of Cove by Twothumb. Vesper Councillors weren’t consulted and aren’t amused.
* Kaldorians discover a shipwreck in Trinsic harbour and decide to try and lift it. This causes an angry standoff between the people of the Trinsic Shades, who apparently invited the Kaldorians in, and the Duchy guards, who have banned most Kaldorians from town following the occupation two months earlier. As the simmering war between Trinsic and Kaldor flares up again, many of the Shades’ residents turn their backs on Trinsic in disgust.

September 2004

* Cal Soulshadow marries husband number three, Kaldorian Maul Knight Mordred.
* The Five Aces Gentlemen’s Club and notorious gambling den in Trinsic closes its doors, after a successful run that lasted over one year.
* Leadership election in Vesper. Twothumb, unpopular for his decision to make his wife his vice-governor, wins only narrowly; the main opponent being a farmer called Carver McCallows.
* Eleanor Middlethorn gives birth to a son, Isidore.
* The Guardmen Militia, which has long has stuck to its own affairs in Yew, start making diplomatic overtures to its old allies in Trinsic. They are welcomed in friendship.

October 2004

* First Sosarian Olympic Games held at Luna Arena.
* First Festival of Tales held at various locations across the land.
* Jordan Jurrel appointed new commander of the Royal Guard. Takes up residence in Minoc. He makes friendly overtures to all the towns and is gladly received in the loyalist towns. He receives a rather cooler welcome in Vesper.
* Vesper rivers poisoned. Source thought to be mining waste from Minoc.
* Cove suffers series of devastating raids by rampaging orcs from the nearby fort
* Kain Twothumb feared dead after Vesper meeting hall collapses. Tae'nu Ver tries to take power in his stead but fails (the Vesperians don't trust her) and goes into hiding. Chaos ensues as the Vesperian factions fight for power.
* All former inhabitants of the Trinsic Shades have left, leaving the buildings vacant and doors and windows boarded up. Some are seen in Haven, but nothing more is heard from most of them.

November 2004

* After months of an uneasy truce with Trinsic, the Kaldorians, isolated from all the major cities, decide to work hard to repair the trust they'd lost. Eventually a tentative peace treaty between Trinsic and Kaldor is signed. The Kaldorians win the right to an embassy in Trinsic, and the duty to help defend the city once more. However, underlying tensions with Trinsic remain.
* More leadership elections in Vesper. Yiveth, the head of the Vesper Trade Company, wins after a turbulent campaign – but the backstabbing, revolutions and counter-revolutions continue.
* A new trade association, the Sosarian Trade Federation and Union, is established.

December 2004

* Gerrick Adarastos, who’d been quietly governing far-away Magincia, resigns, handing power to some complete unknown, who is later replaced by Mehdi ibn Salaad.
* Kain Twothumb makes a surprise return, apparently it wasn't his body under the rubble after all. His attempt to retake control of Vesper is resisted by Yiveth and her allies, and Yiveth holds on to power
* Moiraine retires as Trinsic Justice in favour of former Baron Robert deCraon, who has returned from his exile


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January 2005

* Yiveth resigns as Vesper leader and calls elections. The not-so-dead Twothumb wins by a landslide.
* The Sword and Shovel's tavernkeeper VanQa and several of her helpers move to Trinsic, where they open the Trinsic Rose.
* Zachariah Creed becomes new tavernkeeper of the Sword & Shovel. Some weeks later he is reported missing.
* Trinsic is subjected to a terror campaign by the Trinsic Freedom Fighters, who demand that the Duke abdicate or they blow things up. Quite a few buildings - and the odd person - do get blown up, including most the Freedom Fighters.
* The lands of Tokuno are discovered, bringing and influx of samurai, ninja and other strange things. Most notable among the Tokuno citizens is the Kotodama clan, who had inhabited the lands around Yew before their ancient homeland was discovered.
* The Covians start raiding Trinsic, because of Trinsic's tolerance of drow, which Cove hates with a passion.

February 2005

* Kaldorians temporarily kicked out of Trinsic after a number of spats with the Duchy. Kaldor takes the opportunity to claim Serpent's Hold, which they turn into a fortified base and training ground. Their claim is confirmed later on by Jordan Jurrell, who agrees that the Kaldorians should defend Serpent's Hold against anyone trying to take the land.
* Major Guy D'Mirio of the Yewish militia goes missing several weeks after announcing the its disbanding. Corsair Division of the Yewish Militia disbanded.
* Cove and Yew go to war.
* Kaldorians start series of tit-for-tat fights with Kotodama
* Trinsic’s rekindles its alliance with the Guardsmen Militia, grant them the former Kaldorian embassy as their own
* Vesper’s hub of activity, the Swaggers Inn, closes and is demolished as Yiveth finds religion and builds an austere monastery in its place. Vesperians are outraged.
* Guardsmen Sergeant Klion elevated to nobility, gains title of Lord Protector
* Cardinal Brown Moses abdicates. Power over the Britannia Guards passes to Edmund Fairholm, who rules from the Guards' stronghold of Stanmere.

March 2005

* Trinsic Freedom Fighters’ two month campaign of terror ends with the arrest and subsequent execution of most the remaining fighters in the Trinsic Rose tavern. Their supposed leader jumps through the window and escapes, but a corpse later found in Deceit dungeon is thought to be his.
* Celts of Kallahar and the Yewish Militia sign a peace treaty.
* Stonekeep besieged by liches, balrons, orcs, undead, drow and golden chickens. No one knows where they're coming from.
* To everybody's shock, Twothumb reveals that Vesper is bankrupt, due to the costs inflicted by the poisoned water, the plague, and ants tunnelling under Vesper.
* The Covian commander Gregor Eason, Commander of Cove proposes an alliance between Vesper and Cove, forming an army of the North. The Knights Hospitaller soon join the alliance, which is led by Octiovus of Cove. A project to build a fortified road between Vesper and Cove brings the two towns even closer together.
* An assassination attempt leaves Octiovus in a coma. Cove blames Trinsic, Trinsic claims it was a set up. Cove threatens war, Trinsic rushes to gather its allies.
* Relations with the Guardsman Militia sour due to Trinsic's tolerance of drow, which are fanatically hated and persecuted by the Avatarian church (despite Commander Klion having a drow wife and four half-drow children). The Militia makes several raids on Trinsic in retaliation for alleged drow attacks on the Militia's fortification in Yew, Stonekeep.
* A group of mysterious being dressed all in white kidnaps the leaders of the various towns and factions, forcing all the people to temporarily work together to free their leaders.
* Brigands raid Cove bank, making of with vast amounts of gold.
* Undead from Yew Crypts also start periodic raids on the towns.
* Shaouli and Concordia take care over the Sword & Shovel Tavern.

April 2005

* Kaldor and Kotodama make surprise peace, declare joint was on Cove & Co
* Vesperians and The Rising Dawn Mercenary Company invade Yew, only to be met with stiff resistance from the local militia, The Red Hand Mercenaries and The Knights Templar. However, the invaders manage to capture Yew Mill as a base and hold it for some time, until beaten back by Red Hand Mercenary Commander Autumn. Lord Taggart and Lord D'Gar are both wounded in battle.
* Relations between Trinsic and the Militia sour further when former Justice Moiraine is abducted and mistreated by the Guardsmen.
* The alliance between Trinsic and the Templars is broken over a series of disagreements, in part over Trinsic's leniency to drow and Trinsic claims that Templars did not always help them to the full over their ability.
* Further troubles for all cities come from the Black Caste, a new group of outlaws, who abduct, mug and rob without discrimination.
* Octiovus of Cove slowly recovers
* Xirzin leaves Naeloth. Garod is proclaimed the new Lord of the city of outcasts
* Moiraine joins nobility, elevated to Baroness.
* Yew and Trinsic formally go to war.

May 2005

* Vesper scores several victories in war against Yew, capturing Empath Abbey and Yew Docks, and blowing up the old Corsair Divisional Tower in Stonekeep. Loyalist forces secure the Sturdy Bow, fight off the two Rebel counter-attacks, and retake the Abbey.
* Montac, one-time Lord of Magincia, returns to his old town. The Magincian Senate is re-established.
* Swaggers Inn reopens – Vesper parties. Hard.

June 2005

* Trinsic has almost daily battles with Militia, surprises itself by gaining the upper hand.
* War breaks out between Kaldor and Cove.

July 2005

* Kaldorians return to Trinsic, receive their old embassy back.
* Montac of Magincia slain with a poisoned weapon by his younger brother Aulus in a duel of "honour", who proclaims himself "emperor". His activities are viewed with concern and suspicion by many, though the town maintains friendly relations with Cove and, to a lesser extent, Vesper.

August 2005

* Lord Rothermere, Adviser to the King dies in Britain. Foul play suspected.
* Magincia annexes Nujel'm and appoints Venom d'Orsay as governor. The main cities are concerned to say the least. Trinsic (which has a long-standing alliance, signed in Ashoka's day), plans an expedition to assess the situation and considers quietly forming an alliance to free the city.
* Cove accuses Vesper of spying, declares war.
* A strange laboratory is discovered under Vesper museum. It appears to belong to a servant of Minax.
* An evil doppelganger imprisons Jordan Jurrel and irrationally accuses even Jurrel’s closest allies of being traitors.
* Yew swamp dries out. There's some debate whether it was the Militia's tireless dredging and draining that did it, or some elven magic, as a strange rift later found to be leading to an elven city is found in the middle of the rapidly-receding swamp. Either way, all rejoice as the swamp disappears.
* Brigands led by the infamous Henry Winter become a menace to both Vesper and Trinsic, mugging and kidnapping unwary civilians. Rumoured to be based at an old fort somewhere. They also burn Stanmere, garrison of the Britannia guards, to the ground.

September 2005

* Phae Quaintly, a rich, power-hungry businesswoman, lays claim to Moonglow, initially with the support of Magincia.
* Gregor Eason rumoured slain by Yewmen at his own retirement party
* The island empire of Magincia, already over-extended and riddled with internal power-struggles and strife, finally crumbles with one mild final nudge from Kaldor. Nujel’m is once more free, the Senate is dissolved. Lady Devnet, driven insane by grief over the death of her husband Montac in July, is murdered by the Guardsmen Militia. Their heir Marcus remains in Magincia, quietly working to reinstate the Senate, rebuild the republic, and return the island to the senate and the people of Magincia
* The Kaldorians face a threat from within, in form of followers of the Kaldorian god of death, Xathos. Several Kaldorians are slain by the "Hand of Xathos", a sickly-green warfork, which forcibly turns them into undead Followers of Xathos. The Followers are undead zombies with no will of their own. They threaten to turn more.
* The "good" Jurrel is freed from Blackthorne’s castle in Britain and opens up the gateway to the elf city.
* Brigands kidnap Lady Twothumb. They then begin demanding money for her safe return. After tracking the brigands to a fort near Yew, Vesper launch multiple attacks on the brigands fort. Lady Twothumb is eventually returned home to Vesper, bruised and beaten but alive.

October 2005

* Plague breaks out in Cove.
* Vesper continues to fight a war on two fronts, Cove and Yew.
* Kaelith is knighted by the Kain Twothumb, at the church in Vesper, although he had been recognised as a Knight of Vesper for several years already. This is the first and only known knighting to have taken place in Vesper by the Baron.
* Scandal and mortal combat over ex-duchess Caroline. Her long-standing "target" Hanse Davion of Vesper thinks she’s been playing away and threatens to kill her, Jordan Jurrel intervenes, Hanse fights a duel with Jurrel’s champion in Luna and wins. When he threatens to kill Caroline as his prize, angry spectators try to shoot Hanse, chaos ensues. Jurrel, highly embarrassed at his failure to keep control, is whisked away to Britain to explain himself and not seen for many months after.
* The town of Cove separates: Baron Octiovus and a large number of his followers move to Yew to join up with the Guardsmen Militia. Others stay behind, under the leadership of Captain Gregor Eason.
* Kings Law for Yew revised. (5th edition)

November 2005

* Caroline returns to Trinsic, under supervision of the retired duke Ikus.
* Eason throws out the Church of Cove, led by Overhead Odenenetheus, over corruption charges. A series of attacks by undead follows
* Yew Militia holds a Medal Ceremony in the capital. Merry Men refounded.
* More undead attacks on Trinsic
* Yew accuses Cove of being heretics. War breaks out. Cove signs a peace treaty with Vesper, so the two can fight Yew together. Mostly they squabble over who controls Minoc.
* After some tensions with the Duchy, the Britannia Guards move up north once again and settle in Minoc once more. Relations with Trinsic are quick to sour as the Duke regards the Guards as traitors who broke their oath to him and deserted Trinsic in a time of need. The Guards are only very grudgingly tolerated in town. Britannia Guards ally themselves with Yew.
* Jonathan ‘Venom’ d’Orsay claims ownership of Delucia and the title of Earl. The authenticity of the patent of nobility he holds is doubted by most, but nothing is done to take Delucia from him.

December 2005

* Odenetheus, former overhead of the Covian church and one of the Covians who followed Octiovus to Yew, forms the Collegium Ditio Potentia Lex, supposedly a group of lawyers working for the public good, based in Nu’jelm.
* An assassination attempt leaves Duke Irvyn critically injured in a coma. For weeks healers, quacks and assorted friends battle for his survival.
* A twisted and corrupted tree is found growing just outside Trinsic. At the same time, the city’s canals are found to be poisoned. None of the experts seem able to find a cure for either.


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