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The things you forget...

- - - - - forget things

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    The Dread Pirate Sablestorm

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So I began working on a bit of writing and I found myself trying to come up with a few notes for inclusion about the troubles Yew has experienced over the years. Obviously, they have recently suffered from the Shadowlord Daemon army and prior to that, they had suffered through Adranath's failed spell as well the Juka invasion.

Does anyone remember if Yew also suffered an invasion or Orcs and Savages back in 2001? While I'm at it, does anyone remember all the cities that fell under attack during that scenario? They refer to it as the Savage Empire on Stratics. I know for a fact Skara Brae and Minoc were attacked, but which other cities?

I also remember the Yew Courthouse falling to an invading for of Orcs and other humanoids. This might have been a Pacific only EM event that Jyrra put on. I remember a series of events which went with this Yew invasion and many notable names guest starred such as Clainin and Iyona Kondo. Because Yew had been invaded, barricades were constructed at all the passes from Britain to protect the city against this threat. We had to collect ore and wood at each of the three passes. Did other shards have this event?

I found some details about this event here at Stratics.

Tancred RedStar

Tancred RedStar

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One problem I'm aware of is the elves are still there with their little treehouse but not making any cookies.



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Although I remember the event,[ on Europa ] sadly all coverage was lost when F4g went down a couple of years back.

Moongates Wiki does have a lot info about Yew,its guilds and some of the Orc guilds that used to RP there way back .

I am sure if you have a look around and follow some of the links at the bottom of the pages you might strike lucky and find what your looking for .

The first guild I was aware of in Yew were Coy [Crossroads of Yew]

When they disbanded they were replaced by Grd [ Guardsman Militia ]

Orc guilds were Severed Heads Clan

When their leader Saktoth retired they merged with Tgl

Tgl [ The Orcs of Tolagâl ]

Hope that helps a little.




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I'm pretty sure I remember Delucia being invaded by orcs a year or two after I began playing UO in 98/99. I also thought I remembered Jukas invading once.. I assume that was with Blackthorn's Revenge, and now that I think more about it, I'm pretty sure it was in Yew.

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