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Help us from Tyranny raging in Japan! Friends in UOSS, Draconi, Cal, Kilandra, Crissa

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I have a LOT of time for this poster athos_uo who does a great deal to keep the Japanese forums informed with all the latest news and info,and likewise brings us many posts here also.

I was interested there fore to read a thread started on Stratics about a certain action by the UO Japan devs.

Its very hard to 'pick and choose ' just some posts from the thread,as it becomes very confusing,but I will try not to add to the confusion by selecting wisely.

Original Post by athos_uo

EA Japan has changed localize file in these days. They have translated some English words into Japanese in cliloc.jpn file.

It was done on the 13th February at first time, which angered most Japanese players very much.

Some people might think it be funny that we are angered at that English words are translated into Japanese. But we are already accustomed to these English words and are not dissatisfied with that.

But EA Japan changed them without asking us about it.

Most Japanese people got angered and sent feedbacks to prrotest them.

On the 18th February, Yossie, the producer of Japanese localizing team, posted a statement about this: Statement of EA Japan

He said that this change was made for new players to go into the game more easily, but Japanese players are not convinced with this clarification, because we know all that UO is hard to get used to not because the words in it are English, but because its game system is very complexed.

Besides, he stated clearly that he would hear from players and would be willing to accept any kind of feedbacks.

I read this statement, and we have begun discussing about this on Britannia Bibliothek, since the first change(13th. February) and I brought up all our disscussiions and made some Qustions.

On the 2nd March, I opened these Question to EA Japan UO team in public: "Questions to EA Japan UO team in public." and sent it through a feedback form on EA Japan official website.

We have continued our discussion after that, and we don't have answers to our question yet.

But today, as you know, a new client patch was delivered and the localize file was changed once again!

Why? Haven't they said that they would accept our feedback? Why don't they hear from us?

I personally think that the appropriate localization be necessary. But it should be done with our agreement. They have done it taking no account of our discussion.

Please help us, friends in UOSS, to fight a tyranny in Japan. I'm deeply desmayed by EA Japan once and again.


and can you beleive THIS reply from PASmountaindew

Wow once again the Asian servers got something we didn't. They got some words that were in English translated into Japanese. We didn't get any of our English translated into Japanese. Posted Image

the sarcasm obviously went right over the head of athos as the reply was nothing more than to help

You all can read them, putting the following line into uo.cfg:


If anyone felt like Aboo

This entire thread confuses me. Posted Image

then athos tried to explain it better.

I parabolize it:

EA UO team thinks one day: "Kal Ort Por is hard to understand. We must translate it into English, so that our players can understand it easily."

Players find that they say "Summon Warp spell" when they use the spell as they know as "Kal Ort Por".

They get angered: "This is not the UO that I love." They send many feedbacks against this change.

EA UO team is surprised and posts a statement: "I apologize for doing that without letting you know about this. Please send any kind of feedbacks."

So some players discusse about this and post their qeustions to UO team on UOSS in public and send the same questions thorough feedback form.

Players get no answers to their questions.

After ten days, another patch is delivered. They find that they say "Make great Life" when they use the spell as they know as "In Vas Mani".

Players are in despair. <- Now here.


Aboo posted her thanks

Thank you very much for explaining this to me. I love UO and have for 11+ years. However, of late I have felt very much like EA cares less for us (anyone other than the Japanese player base) than the Japanese player base which make me very sad. I always thought I would be here until they close the doors on UO, but I have my doubts now.

Good luck in your quest to fix this!


and Kilandra promised to deliver the feedback th EA Japan

Greetings Athos,

I will take your feedback to the EA Japan team. While I can't guarantee a specific outcome, I can certainly ensure that the feedback is heard.
Posted Image

UO Assistant
Development Manager


Good luck athos and please keep us informed how you get on




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Kinda agree with the players here. Translating words of power is highly silly.

Tancred RedStar

Tancred RedStar

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They should have a localization option to toggle on or off in one of the Option menus, IMO



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well I just found this update from athos_uo

Hello, respectable Britannians in Stratics!

Today, we got answers to our questions from EA Japan UO team!

I think this owes to your help, especially to Kilandra's help!

Thanks to Kilandra and to all!


I must report what is the outcome.

They answer not to all our questions, but to some ones of more importance.

(1) About the aim of localizing
They mention the same reason as before, but this time more clearly.

They think that old players already accustomed to English used in the game have no problems, but it would be one of higher hurdles that prevent new players, who are interested in playing the game, from starting the game. Localizing would have great importance to invite new players into UO. And they say that they are responsible for offering well localized game for players in that area and they didn't respond in doing that in the past.

(2) About the process of localizing
They say that they often can not announce the change of localizing previously, because the schedule of updating depends on delivering of client patch by UO devs team. They'd like to communicate with UO devs team more closely.

This doesn't answer to what we want to know. I know the fact mentioned above, but we ask EA Japan UO team to open what they are going to translate into Japanes public previously. They can open words to be changed public soon after they finish translation. It needs not to be annoouced just before delivering patches.

I don't know if it is by intent that EA Japan answers beside the mark.


They mention some plans about localizing:
- To make a list of what Japanese translation comes from an original English word.
- To translate system messages into Japanese
- To look for other ways to display names both in English and Japanese


We get good answers to an extent owing to your help.

But I can point out some bad things:
- They had no intention to announce about localization of this time previously
- They had no intention to ask us whether they should forward localizing. Localizing itself is already decided and not to be changed.
- It seems that they have no intention to make close communication with UO communities in Japan. They didn't answer to our public questions spontaneously, they did it scarcely if it was not suggested by a dev(s).

But we'd like to change them, sometimes with your help.

Thanks again to all!

All is well ,that ends well :)



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wow...so that's what localization does...it makes everyone upset :/

Athos is a great guy he crunches numbers better than most so I hope they solve this



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Just sounds like EA Japan is starting to run like EA US does already. Geez do they ever ask or tell us they are going to change something? Do they ever care that we don't like the change?

Sorry stepping down from soap box now............
Posted Image

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