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Dial-up guild on GL?

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I've played UO on and off for a total of about 5 years. Unfortunately I only have dial up service available (I can't afford things like "Hugh's Net").


Is there a PvM guild (without anal retentive types) around looking for an old coot to join in occasional adventures? Remember, I am slowwwww. I tried a guild a few years ago, but I couldn't keep up with anyone. Nobody complained, but they would run off the screen and then have to wait for me...



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ahh yes the dial up , we have a few in our guild with dial up and so far that char has been pretty good in game and the guild knows that and really works well with it feel free to icq me for more info.


239897005 -Y- or you can catch one of us at New Haven hope to see you soon

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