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All skills skill caps?

- - - - - caps skill skills

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    Hiding somewhere on Catskills

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Does anyone know of a list of -all- skills and their theoretical caps, minus jewelry? I know some can be rought to 120, others to only 100...




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    Hiding somewhere on Catskills

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Indirect, but it will work. Thanks! :) Below is a list of all (I hope) skills and their caps as of this posting date, Pre-SA of course. If anyone sees any errors or omissions, let me know here and I will fix. The whole reason I wanted to know was so I could stop wasting my time looking for scrolls that don't exist, and also whether or not to buy transc. scrolls. If UOGuide reads this, they are more than welcome to copy the list for their skills page (or wherever).

Skill Caps:
100 Alchemy
120 Anatomy
120 Animal Lore
120 Animal Taming
120 Archery
100 Arms Lore
100 Begging
120 Blacksmithy
100 Bowcraft/Fletching
120 Bushido
100 Carpentry
100 Cartography
120 Chivalry
100 Cooking
100 Detecting Hidden
120 Discordance
120 Evaluate Intelligence
100 Fishing
120 Fencing
120 Focus
100 Forensic Evaluation
120 Healing
100 Herding
100 Hiding
100 Inscription
100 Item Identification
100 Lockpicking
100 Lumberjacking
120 Mace Fighting
120 Magery
120 Magic Resistance
120 Meditation
120 Musicianship
120 Necromancy
120 Ninjitsu
120 Parrying
120 Peacemaking
100 Poisoning
120 Provocation
100 Remove Trap
100 Resisting Spells
100 Snooping
100 Spellweaving
120 Spirit Speak
120 Stealing
120 Stealth
120 Swordsmanship
120 Tactics
120 Tailoring
100 Taste Identification
100 Tinkering
100 Tracking
120 Veterinary
120 Wrestling

Animal Taming is listed as Animal Training on the-official- site. Jeez.

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