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Gnomys Valentine Event!

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You are to write/paint a comic strip with 9 boxes! 3x3


What you need to include in the strip


#Of course Valentine needs to be in it one way or another.


#As all my Events/Competitions there needs to be a Gnome!


#One way or another, totally up to you. You need to include UOForums.


What I will judge on is humor and plot, NOT Graphic skills.


It can be made in normal window paints if you want, how it is made is not a thing I will judge, as long as i can see it is 9 boxes (3x3) with something in them.





This medal under your Avatar, given by Adam our "Evil" but generous Admin. For a whole Months time!


This Event/Competition ends 13th Feb! Winner will be elected on Valentine 14th Feb!

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Thumpers Entry:




Was not how i thought a comic strip would be.. But thats a very good idea and I will let it pass as entry :) Nice work in playing with words Thumper!


Keep up the good work people! Let them come! You are free to turn around my words like Thumper did as well!

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