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Spell: Incognito

- - - - - incognito spell

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    The Dread Pirate Sablestorm

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There was a thread over at Stratics which caught my attention and got me to thinking about an improvement for Incognito.

Now, being a roleplayer that runs events for my guildmates, I've often wanted established extras I could battle them with. For instance, suppose I need a character to portray a Shadowlord Guard that they could kill during the course of an event. I'd want the character to be established to make it a challenge, but I don't want to have to train one up each time I have an event to run. We had two solutions. First we had a soulstone account with an open slot we used for these temporary characters. Then we'd transfer the necessary skills over from the other characters. The second idea was to join characters to the thieves guild and take advantage of the disguise kits. We event created a kit for joining the thieves guild, with the burglars bandanna, the shadow leggins, and stealing jewelry allowing characters to join with a minimal investment of skill points in stealing. The Devs implemented changes to prevent this however.

So now that brings me to incognito. What if incognito were changed to a toggle spell, much like polymorph. Then you could assume your disguise and use that disguised character for a much longer time period. So for you villains out there, suppose you wanted to create a lackey that served your main villain but could be perma-killed. You could cast icognito and dress them up to fit the part. Then when the story has run its course and this henchman is killed, you cast it again and go back to how you were. Incognito would now let you choose your new hair style, much like the disguise kit does. It would also let you use hair dye, like the disguise kit does, but restore you to your normal appearance when the toggle is switched.

Finally, there are concerns about incognito being used for nefarious purposes, to scam other players. To combat that, I say leave the paperdoll as is, with the real character name so players can see who they are truly dealing with.

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