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Transcript needed of Cascas speech on each shard

- - - - - cascas needed shard speech transcript

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Kariny Stormsong

Kariny Stormsong


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Many people are looking for transcripts of his speech.

Does anyone have one or can have one of the Lake Superior speech?



    The Dread Pirate Sablestorm

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Lord Casca: Ah!
You see: Lord Casca
Lord Casca: *Smiles broadly at the crowd*
Lord Casca: *Raises a hand and indicates that he'd like a moment of silence*
Lord Casca: *Puts the hand down*
Lord Casca: Greetings fine folks of Britannia!
Lord Casca: *Looks across the audience*
Lord Casca: *A concerned look comes across his face*
Lord Casca: Due to the recent tragic events, a new Royal Council has been formed
Lord Casca: and is meeting at a secret location.
Lord Casca: Because of the heightened security, the identity of the council members
Lord Casca: is being kept secret for now.
Lord Casca: As part of their first meeting, they all agreed that the Lands of Britannia needed a leader.
Lord Casca: By a full complete agreement by the Royal Council, they have asked me to step up as the King.
Lord Casca: *Looks down for a moment*
Lord Casca: *A very heavy sigh*
Lord Casca: *Looks up*
Lord Casca: After long and difficult discussion, I have decided to accept the position.
Lord Casca: *Holds his hand up again*
Lord Casca: Everybody, I understand this comes as a shock. I did not seek for this to happen.
Lord Casca: But difficult decisions are required in the current difficult times.
Lord Casca: *Puts hand down*
Lord Casca: For now, things will continue as they are.
Lord Casca: In the coming days, the Royal Council and I will be implementing additional changes to
Lord Casca: improve our security.
Lord Casca: We are keenly aware of the dangers brought by the on-going invasion of these foul creatures.
Lord Casca: We are very concerned for your safety.
Lord Casca: Until We can improve our defenses, please report any suspicious activities to us.
Lord Casca: We are watching, and We will act with swift and unrelenting efficiency.
Lord Casca: *Looks over the audience and nods slightly*
Lord Casca: Due to long absence of Lord British, there has been reports of some Britannia citizens
Lord Casca: drifting away from the Royal Rule.
Lord Casca: No longer.
Lord Casca: All Britannia citizens are expected to return to the Royal Rule fold and
Lord Casca: swear fealty to the King.
Lord Casca: There shall be no pretenders to the throne.
Lord Casca: *Smiles at the audience*
Lord Casca: Let us not dwell on the dire circumstances.
Lord Casca: We have so much to look forward to.
Lord Casca: By being united in our stand, We will destroy the scourge of the Shadowlords
Lord Casca: looming over our fine lands.
Lord Casca: Magincia will be restored to its pristine state.
Lord Casca: We will make our lands beautiful and peaceful again.
Lord Casca: We encourage folks who fled to Luna to return to Britain.
Lord Casca: Together We will restore the city to its great glory!
Lord Casca: We have the greatest faith in our people!
Lord Casca: We thank you for your time and understanding.
Lord Casca: *Salutes*
Lord Casca: *Bows*
Lord Casca: We will stay for a moment.
Lord Casca: We thank you for your time.
Lord Casca: However We have things that require our attention.

You see: Sherry the Mouse
Lavender: Its Sherry!
Sherry: *startled squeak*
Sherry: Watch the tail please!
Ghost: oooh it's sherry!
Sherry: *scurries amongst the crowd*
Plum Peter Taver: Sherry, what news?
You see: Sherry the Mouse
Sherry: Listen to me!
Sherry: *stamps her paw*
Lyssa: sherry!
Sherry: Hello!
WENCIT: hi Sherry
Rose: hi sherry
Sherry: Britannians!
Sherry: What haste we have to make a king!
Sherry: *squeak*
Sherry: Something is rotten in the kingdom of Britannia, and 'tis not the pungent cheese!
Lyssa: you got that right
Sherry: A council should rule in the stead of our Lord British whilst our liege is away,
Sherry: and not a hastily selected king!
Sherry: We should demand answers to the questions swept under the rug like crumbs!
Sherry: *squeak*
Sherry: If Avery and Casca were both captured,
Sherry: why dost one now bear blame,
Sherry: whilst the other wears a crown?
Sherry: *squeaks*
Sage: why are we talking with a rat
Sherry: Avery should have a chance to explain himself in court!
Sherry: Not a rat!
Plum Peter Taver: Because she speaks sense
Sherry: *stamps her paw*
Lyssa: mouse
Sherry: None may sweep aside Justice in the kingdom of virtues!
Sherry: I am but a mouse.
Sherry: *squeaks vehemently*
Sherry: 'Tis a crowning made in haste and poor judgment.
Sherry: The crown of Britannia is best to rest 'til our Lord British returns!
Sherry: Were a king chosen to rule in Lord British's stead,
Sherry: shouldst they not be chosen by the people?
Sherry: Britannians, I ask thee to keep thy wits in these dangerous times!
Sherry: *squeaks and looks nervously over her shoulder*
Sherry: Long live Britannia!
Sherry: *dives into the brush and scurries away*

Martyna Zmuir

Martyna Zmuir


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It went differently on GL.. VERY differently..

Casca wasn't such an obvious tool of evil, and Sherry was somewhat ambivalent - just told us to be cautious...

Lock your doors and prepare for civil war.




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told ye he was a murderin bastid!

Making Sosaria Beautiful one home at a time.

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    The Dread Pirate Sablestorm

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If I recall correctly, Sherry and Aileen knew there was a traitor that was planning the demise of the council. They left word for Lord Francesco and fled. She could suspect Casca of being the traitor, although wasn't there a guard in Castle Britannia that was also a member of the FOA? Was it Brian?

Aha, actually Brian was the one who betrayed Avery's company in Blood Dungeon. Aileen's journal tells of a hooded stranger meeting the traitor in the council chamber. She states that this always happens when Avery and Francesco are away. Brian's journal does seem to cast some suspicions on Avery, however.



    UOForums Price-checker

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Sherry is Dawn. That's right. That's my prediction. You heard it here first.


Martyna Zmuir

Martyna Zmuir


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Sherry can't be Dawn.. Sherry has been around for quite some time..

IRL, Sherry was Garriot's girlfriend during the making of Ultima 6 (which we are currently heading into via Warriors of Destiny and Underworld)



    The Dread Pirate Sablestorm

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Sherry can't be Dawn.. Sherry has been around for quite some time..

IRL, Sherry was Garriot's girlfriend during the making of Ultima 6 (which we are currently heading into via Warriors of Destiny and Underworld)

So that's where the race of ratmen came from....



    "I want to do bad things to you."

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That would explain alot. *Laughs*

I attended Casca's speeches on both Baja and Chesapeake. The difference between the two was light night and day. On Baja, Casca was much more arrogant and authoritarian. He made his claim as if it were his to take, he pulled the crown out of his pouch uncerimoniously and placed it on his brow, and then demanded that "Kingdoms that have arisen in the absence of Lord British, must immidiately dissolve and swear fealty to him." He made an ambiguous reference to the Kingdom of Dawn, one of the player-run cities that acts independantly of Britannia. I heard no indication of a Council. Sherry was clear in her condemnation of Casca.

It was actually kind of funny, because Sherry had appeared on one side of the hedges and began speaking. Casca then appeared on the other side of the road, across the hedges. "She is but a mere ra...err, mouse!"

On Chesapeake, Casca was much more...amicable? He seemed a bit more clumsy, nearly loosing his footing initially on the podium. He spoke more of uniting the people, and ruling only to do what was necessary. He had "appointed a new Royal Council, and had made each and every one of them his personal advisors." He even managed to win over several, previously skeptical individuals (atleast, in-character of course). Here, Sherry was far more ambiguous.

I don't think anyone on Baja made a transcript. Perhaps Chesapeake?

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Tancred RedStar

Tancred RedStar

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so that's where the race of ratmen came from....




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Lord Casca: Hail, citizens of Britannia, nobles, and warriors!
Lord Casca: *smiles*
Lord Casca: Glad to see such a turnout..
Lord Casca: I come to you this day under grievous circumstances.
Lord Casca: Never did I think such tragedy could befall the Britannian Council, my brethren!
Lord Casca: As you all know, their lives have been taken by the legions of the Followers of Armageddon.
Lord Casca: It is only for the councils sake, and the sake of Britannia, that I stand before you all this day.
Lord Casca: I apologize that we must meet here,
Lord Casca: but Castle British still evokes horrible emotions when I gaze upon it.
Gwenyth: So if the council is dead, who chose YOU to take over as King?
Lord Casca: **Closes eyes for a moment**
Lord Casca: Ah, Patience, Gwenyth
Lord Casca: I have been through unimaginable tortures whilst in the clutches of my captors.
Lord Casca: I still feel the clasp of their manacles upon my wrists
Lord Casca: **Shudders slightly**
Lord Casca: Perhaps I will never escape the feeling.
Lord Casca: **Looks over the gathered crowd, motioning his hands toward them**
Lord Casca: Yet you all were my saviors, and for that I am forever in debt as the peoples servant.
Lord Casca: Through your quick and noble deeds, I am the only member of the council who yet survived
Lord Casca: and was not tainted by evil and corruption.
Solomon Wright: False. Clainin is alive, bedridden in New Haven.
Lord Casca: Ah, Clainin is a wise man
Lord Casca: but he is ill! Half dead!
Lord Casca: I sat by his bead the other night
Lord Casca: and it is his will that I become king!
Lord Casca: Thus, out of need for structure, a new council formed of Lords and Nobles.
Lord Casca: They hail from all over the land and are both magnanimous and valorous.
Lord Casca: Yet I am afraid I cannot reveal their identities at this time, for we cannot
Lord Casca: risk suffering another defeat at the hands of the Followers of Armageddon.
Lord Casca: and you may speak to Clanin, as I said, I have his blessing!
Lord Casca: And he is the wisest man left in Britannia
Lord Casca: If he were in full health, I would have him be king
Lord Casca: But, the new council
Lord Casca: In safety we took council, and they said unto me
Lord Casca: Casca, you have been through much.
Lord Casca: Casca, you are wise and experienced.
Lord Casca: Casca, we know you desire only justice.
Lord Casca: I replied that they all exhibit such traits, or we would not be meeting together.!
Lord Casca: Yet they continued to echo my praises
Lord Casca: Casca, rise up, for you have our vote, ascend the throne!
Lord Casca: But I responded to them resoundingly,
Lord Casca: Nay!
Lord Casca: I cannot!
Lord Casca: I am not worthy!
Lord Casca: Still they insisted, and spoke to me of the good I could do,
Lord Casca: and I began to feel the potential and sooth in their words.
Lord Casca: The more I listened, the more their words rang true in my ears.
Lord Casca: For if not I to raise up Britannia and stand proudly beside her,
Lord Casca: if not I to heal her wounds and protect her land, then WHO???
Lord Casca: So I took their votes and I am proud to come unto you now, as King of Britannia!
Lord Casca: **Looks down upon the people, hands wide up in the air embracing them, smiling**
Lord Casca: Now I must act upon their faith, I must do this good of which they speak!
Lord Casca: **Clenches his fist and shakes it toward the people**
Lord Casca: More so, it must be done swiftly.
Lord Casca: **looks slowly into the eyes of everyone gathered below him**
Lord Casca: I promise now, before the people of Britannia,
Lord Casca: to rid the lands of the vile, rancorous, malicious Ophidians!
Lord Casca: To end the invasions once and for all, bringing peace back to Britannia!
Lord Casca: They are strong, but foolish! With the support of the people, we can best them!
Lord Casca: I understand the scorn, I would rather earn my peoples trust than it be given lightly!
Mathena: and where is Avery Lord?
Lord Casca: Avery is under investigation
Lord Casca: for being in league with the FoA!
Lord Casca: Yet those are not my only promises!
Lord Casca: Also, I promise
Lord Casca: To bring strength back to the Royal Guard and protect our borders from another invasion!
Lord Casca: And to protect Britannia from the rancor of the Shadow Lords, while exterminating their minions.
Lord Casca: All I need to do such good is for you, the people, to bow to me, and we will reign forever
Lord Casca: in peace and prosperity.
Lord Casca: I put my faith in you, citizens of Britannia, to help us remain the prestigious
Lord Casca: and respected land that we have been for so long, to help me carry on in the name
Lord Casca: of the great and noble kings who came before me.
Lord Casca: Without the love and universal goodwill of the people, though, I can accomplish none of this.
Lord Casca: So this day, I demand
Lord Casca: *coughs*
Lord Casca: I beseech all of you to lend me your hands and hearts so that together we can thrive!
Lord Casca: I also ask, in your great intelligence, that you all see through the guise of false prophets!
Lord Casca: This Owain Surrey, who the people whisper about on the street, is no prophet.
Lord Casca: He works for a witch, for the Lady Melissa, and for the Shadowlords.
Lord Casca: Do not heed him!
Lord Casca: Long ago he was cast by Lord Blackthorn,
Lord Casca: out onto the streets for the falsehood he spewed at council.
Lord Casca: I implore, do not heed his words!
Lord Casca: Lastly I must relinquish the independence given to some cities under Lord British, such cities
Lord Casca: will hail the crown, or be outlawed!
Lord Casca: We must all hail the same flag together, lest we all fall separate!
Lord Casca: A tax collector will be around to collect your long-standing debts.
Lord Casca: *dodges* (At this point some claim a shoe was thrown at him.)
Lord Casca: I leave you all this day hoping to have left a lasting impression of hope and virtue,
Lord Casca: that we may protect Britannia side by side, with sword and shield!
Lord Casca: I wish safe travels to all, and when we meet again I shall be sitting on the throne in this Castle.
Lord Casca: **Salutes the people**
Lord Casca: Rel Por In Plyem

~sherry the mouse~
Sherry: *crawling out of her hiding place carefully*
Sherry: What makes Casca qualified for such a high position? He only just became Lord!
Sherry: Don't we already have a good king? *Squeak*
Sherry: Lord British has been Britannia's ruler since it's inception.
Sherry: The council of Lords and Ladies should be rebuilt, to manage the kingdom in my lord's absence.
Sherry: Who is on the Royal Council? We cannot be without a council.
Sherry: *in a low voice* I'm not sure if this is right.
Sherry: How could a decision have been made so quickly? Our old council is not yet cold in their graves!
Sherry: *squeak*
Sherry: Why was Casca the only survivor of the massacre?
Sherry: *squeak*
Sherry: Can we trust him?
Sherry: What are Casca's intentions as King?
Sherry: *looks around hastily*
Sherry: I need to speak to him!
Sherry: He led the hasty trial of Ricardo, and was behind the arrest of Avery.
Sherry: Does Avery not deserve a trial?
Sherry: *nibbles on cheese*
Sherry: Why is no one asking for Avery's side of the story!
Sherry: *in a small voice* What has Casca done with Avery and Ricardo?
Sherry: I beseech thee to think about my questions,
Sherry: *squeak*
Sherry: don't be deceived!
Sherry: But I am but a mouse, and none hear me.
Sherry: *scurries off*

Cabe Bedlam

Cabe Bedlam

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I wonder if it went differently on each server depending on past events, ie. Magnicia and the black rock collections.


Martyna Zmuir

Martyna Zmuir


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From Great Lakes:

Casca: * walks through the gate *
Casca: * waits a moment and tries to get a feel of the crowd *
Casca: * raises his hands toward the crowd *
Casca: People of Britannia! My fellow citizens!
Casca: Thank you for coming.
Casca: * lowers his hands *
Casca: I stand before you a humble and grateful man.
Casca: I stand before you as your King.
Casca: Today, I hope to share with you my vision for the future.
Casca: I am now your king by decision of the Royal Council.
Casca: Our Royal Council has been rebuilt stronger out of hardship and pain.
Casca: It is the wisdom of this Council tha in this time of grea strife,
Casca: We, the people of Britannia, would be unified behid one leader.
Casca: Of the Council's many members, I was chosen to be that one leader.
Casca: the Royal Council has placed tgeir hope and trust in me.
Casca: I will now work hard to earn these sentiments.
Casca: Howwver, I will not be working just for the Royal Council.
Casca: I will be working for Britannia and the Virtues.
Casca: and I will be working for all of you as well.
Casca: Your king is also your servant.
Casca: * lowers his head and slowly raises it again *
Casca: I want you to know the sort of man I am.
Casca: If I am to lead you, I want your trust.
Casca: I have always been a dedicaed public servant.
Casca: As Royal Prosecutr, I stpped the treasonous Ricardo from doing more harm.
Casca: I was the first elf to ever have such a role in the Court of Justice.
Casca: As Ambassador, I helped maintain peace and create alliances.
Casca: these allies share our love of good and Virtue.
Casca: As a member of the Royal Council, I was a strong voice.
Casca: I helped to make decisions tha kept all of us safe.
Casca: I faced grave harm as member of this Council,
Casca: But I persevered to serve for another day.
Casca: I remai a dedicaed public servant.
Casca: I believe in the Virtues.
Casca: Justice guided me in Court.
Casca: Humility guided me when workig with our allies.
Casca: Valor when I faced atacks by powerful foes.
Casca: Compassion when I chose to accept this position.
Casca: I am not becomig king for personal power or glory.
Casca: I am becomig king to keep Britannia safe and prosperous.
Casca: to keep all of you safe and prosperous.
Casca: * looks at the crowd for a few moments before contiuing *
Casca: I am willing to sacrifice every hour of labor I will ever work,
Casca: and every drop of blood I have
Casca: For this duty.
Casca: For this honor.
Casca: * pauses for a few moments *
Casca: I ask as much of you.
Casca: You have a role to play in our kingdom's future.
Casca: With my guidance, your swords and your spells will win this war
Casca: Not just with our current enemies, but all our enemies as well.
Casca: Will you stand with me against the virtue-less?
Casca: * waits for an answer *
Casca: With my drive and vision, we will rebuild all our cities.
Casca: No longer will these gems of Virtue be buried in rubble or debris.
Casca: Will you walk beside me as we build our cities tall?
Casca: * waits for an answer *
Casca: With my thirst of justice, we will strengthen our forces and our laws,
Casca: So tha no villain or army can strike agaist our Virtues or our lives.
Casca: Will you live and work with Truth, Love, and Courage?
Casca: * waits for an answer *
Casca: Will you step into the future with me?
Casca: * waits for an answer *
Casca: We will all have to make sacrifices for this future I see.
Casca: This war will be costly in both lives and resources.
Casca: Many have already died valiantly.
Casca: We owe it t these heroes to put aside doubt and win this war.
Casca: * makes a fist *
Casca: the struggle will not end with just the Shadowlords' defeat.
Casca: We have enemies within our own people, brigns and troublemakers.
Casca: We must know their names and their crimes for Justice.
Casca: * relaxes his fist *
Casca: Our cities will bare the scars of ivasion for a short time.
Casca: We will also toil long and hard to rebuild.
Casca: But our people will be safe. Our way of life will be safe.
Casca: I tell you now: things will change for the better.
Casca: the Royal Council has taken the first step.
Casca: All of us must be willing to take the next steps.
Casca: Those with the ability will be allowed to do grea thigs.
Casca: there will be new faces.
Casca: I have already started lookig for talented individuals
Casca: Who will strengthen our military, strengthen our courts, and strengthen our cities.
Casca: You will all have a role in the future we are building.
Casca: I ask tha you start working hard for that future and know this:
Casca: the throne is no longer empty.
Casca: Long Live the Virtues!
Casca: Long Live Britannia!
Casca: I will now take a few questions.



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Lake Superior (LS)

Transcribed from screencaps.

I'm pretty sure I got all of it.

-Galen's player

Welcome Citizen's of Britannia.

I stand before you today, not as an Ambassador to the Royal Council but as your newly appointed King.

As much as I respect my predecessor, I must humbly ask that the outpouring of loyality you've given him in his reign and absence be given to me.

The Primary order of the Kingship is to ensure the welfare of the citizens of Britannia. I have decided that my primary focus of business is to find a solution to the recent hostilities brought forth by the Shadowlords. If a diplomatic compromise can be found then I say let that be the way to venture for the loss of life will be too great to if the alternative is found to be necessary. If open warfare becomes necessary to ensure our safety then rest assured that I will do all in my power to minimize the negative effects on the general populace.

The recent invasion of our cities and the resulting weakening defenses of our kingdom must be made corrected.

In order to do so, I shall be appointing a new Captain of the Royal Guard. I dare say our new Captain may desire mandatory conscription, though I do not wish to see this come to pass, I will enact this course if no viable solution presents itself. To prevent this I encourage all of you to swear fealty to your King and Nation and make it your priority to ensure it's safety just as strongly as I shall. This is not condoning vigilante justice, but requesting that all citizens step forth and honor the sacrifices of our forebearers.

In order to not sully the history of my predecessor, I here by lay claim to the magnificant castle who's courtyard we are intruding upon. Castle British shall still be used for councilary purposes but this shall be my permanent residence, as soon as certain precautions are put into place.

The current council shall be shifted to a more advisory purpose. with the appointment of a new King to the function as was intended when it was established.

With those thoughts in mind. Worry not about the fact that I am not a Man but an Elf. While our differences are self evident our goals are the same. The end of a costly and deadly conflict that has torn at the minds, hearts, and souls of everyone involved, from the poor beggars to even myself. And through the enlightenment that such suffering brings, I assure you, I will do what I feel is in the best interest of Britannia and it's peoples.

Yet, in order to do so I must consolidate power in the Kingdom. Hence forth all independent governments by Royal decree are to disband and hence forth outlawed, all non-sanctioned townships and state hoods abolished. Unity must begin from within and by separating ourselves we are counterproductive to that purpose. We must unify or taste defeat at the hands of our enemies!

Now, I must leave, my duties to the Kingdom call. With my regards go forth and enjoy the glorious new dawn that is upon our Kingdom.



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Baja Transcript:

Citizens of Britannian, I come before you at a time of great upheaval. Our Kingdom stands on the edge of despair, and not so long ago, without a council. The heinous murder of the council members…laid bare our greatest weakness. *grinds his staff* That the throne sits empty! For as long as we stand without a leader…we open our doors wide to the schemes of our enemies. May it be Ricardo or the Shadowlords.

As the only remaining survivor of the previous council….it falls upon my shoulders to resolve this. *nods* Let shame fall on me for eternity, if I let my people continue to suffer! We should and shall remain loyal to Lord British. Aye! But should the throne remain empty while the kingdom falls apart. Nay!

*looks around*

Who knows naught…of a friend or kin that has lost a loved one in this invasion?

Who here knows naught…of the rises in petty flagitious crimes in our once great cities?

*narrows his eyes in concern*

Who here knows naught…of our brethren migrating to other lands leaving behind empty cities?

The very land is crying out for a king…A leader!

*takes a deep breath*

So at the behest of the new council and my own conscience….I bring myself to accept the responsibility of this kingdom. I proudly accept the title of King pro-tempore, with all rights, statuses and honors thereof.

*takes out a crown from his pack*

*places the crown on his head*

*looks around*

Throughout this momentous day I have sustained….(someone in the crowd asks... “By pie?”)*shakes head* No not by pie, by the knowledge that I can count on your thoughts and prayers *smiles* The awareness that my peoples, spread far and wide…will unite to support me in the task to which I have now been dedicated with such solemnity. *nods* While I know that together we will overcome the great challenges that we must face such as I know the Sun will rise again…I will not mislead you for even the sun has to overcome the darkness. *sighs* For we face an arduous path in front of us…For we face a great test of faith…For we face a future the will demand sacrifices…But we will face this together…lest our land falls into chaos. *nods*

As your king, I ask of your fealty in the journey that lies a head.

*looks into the eyes of those around him*

From this day onwards, I declare that…it will be our utmost priority to end this invasion and usher in a new era of prosperity.

From this day onwards I declare that…crime of any nature will be met with the harshest of the punishments.

From this day onwards I declare that…all kingdom estates that have propped up within the boundaries of Britannia will dissolve. The leaders of these kingdoms will declare fealty to the throne. Let me DAWN upon you that rebellion will not be tolerated.

*shakes head*

From this day onwards I declare that…any suggestions of wrong-doing by the nobles or council will be condemned with censure. The nobles require our full support at these trying times.

Finally, I ask of you, who are present today to become my prophets. Go forth; spread my message of a new era of peace and prosperity across the land.

*smiles warmly*

Let it be known that the thrown is no longer empty…and we are no longer afraid. *nods*

Fare Well till next time!

Sherry the Mouse:

King you say? *squeaks angrily, looking up at where Casca stood*

Surely you jest, “Lord: Casca the silver tongued!

Tell us O’ mighty king what council didst elect thee? Surely none that live!

*stamps her paw*

As well, what of Ricardo O’ great leader? What of Avery, didst not thee suffer his very misfortune!? Yet he is the one condemned unfairly to rags and misery! Whilst you wallow in power and spew declarations most unjust!

Hear my words Casca, though meek they may be! Something is rotten in the kingdom of Britannia!! And ‘tis not fitting for only one to rule whilst our liege is away!

*scurries back into the bushes*

Lord Casca:

I heard Sherry was here. Do not mind that poor ra..mouse. She is just loyal to the great Lord British, and unable to change with times.

Be well!

Transcript copied down by Oriana, Baja Stratics Shard Reporter.

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Gee Warder, That transcript looks awfully familiar. Thanks for the credit btw. The link to the whole story can be found here on the Baja Stratics forum

Martyna Zmuir

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Page 4 has confirming hint of the future to come...

The Royal Decree: Casca is King!



    "I want to do bad things to you."

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Gee Warder, That transcript looks awfully familiar. Thanks for the credit btw. The link to the whole story can be found here on the Baja Stratics forum

Gee, doesn't it?


Nevertheless, she is right. K'ehleyr was responsible for copying down and posting the contents of that speech, and I failed to ascribe the proper credit where credit is due. As mentioned in my own message to you, K'ehleyr; its a matter of personally integrity, and one in which I failed.

So with that said, I extend my humblest and sincerest apologees.

Warmest regard, my old friend.

Nicholas the Old

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