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Gyldenfeld Meets For Emergency Town Meeting

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The newly named "King Casca" of Britannia was the main topic of discussion at the emergency town meeting in Gyldenfeld on Tuesday evening at the Red Wolf Cafe. An at times heated debated ensued given the dubious circumstances behind the official herald's announcement of the new sovereign. Some of the main points included the basis of his appointment, namely the abrupt nature of it all and the fact the the Royal Council technically consisted of one man, Casca himself. As the previous sovereign Lord British had left no heirs and was unwed at the time of his departure from the realm and implied abdication, the traditional succession by lineage was at and end and the Royal Council named as the governing body for the realm. Additionally, this came on the heels of the Royal Council massacre last season just after harvest time when the assembled council was mysteriously slaughtered by unknown assailants deep within the fortified walls of Castle Britannia itself within the capital city Britain. Furthermore, Casca alone had been spared and ostensibly taken hostage until his fortuitous rescue by heroes of the realm and in a seemingly unscathed condition.


With all these questionable, perhaps even bordering on the implausible, circumstances behind Casca rise to the crown, some of the Gyldenfeld town residents were questioning not only the legality of his ascension but also the character of the man himself. The responses in the town discussion varied widely from some calling for a wait and see approach to the other extreme of outright rebellion until a more transparent and legitimate annointment process of the monarch was evident. After deliberations and impassioned reasonings, a consensus was reached to where to town of Gyldenfeld will continue to remain in dominion to the realm but take measures of a more covert nature to closely watch, listen and wait for further developments in these troubled times. In addition, trusted friends and allies will be encouraged to cooperate in this veiled effort although it could hardly be called any sort of "resistance" at the present time.




Furthermore, locating Sherry the Mouse was made a priority as she was a trusted friend and confidant of the previous monarch and often had deep insights into the true nature of the political machinations of the governance of the realm. She had gone missing the same day of the Royal Council massacre although no rodent corpse had been discovered at the crime scene nor are cats ever allowed on the castle grounds. To encourage her re-emergence, townsfolk as well as friends and allies of Gyldenfeld are asked to quietly place a wheel of cheese on their doorstep. Not only will this entice Sherry from hiding, but also serve as a non-descript sign of a a fellow citizen of the realm who is interested in discovering and sharing information regarding the true nature of recent events rather than accepting Royal decrees at face value without question or intuition.


No sooner had these measures been reached and agreed upon than Tancred at once set out to begin growing the discreet information-sharing network among friends and allies. He traveled alone to Skara Brae as to not draw attention and headed for the community center there where he knew the citizens of the PaxLair statehood would be assembled for their weekly meeting. He walked the quiet streets towards the community center, nothing seemingly amiss from the usual daily business of the seaside town.


Entering the room to cheerful greetings, he remained unmoved in his demeanor, quickly scanning the room to see who all was present. After recognizing all the faces and seeing that the doors were shut, he admonished the gathered citizens of PaxLair that what he was about to tell them was to remain confidential as in some aspects it could be considered dangerous, even treasonous.


No soon had the warning been made than a Crimson Dragon appeared just behind Tancred as if to squelch such talk! Tancred drew his sword and charged the evil beast but it's mere gaze petrified everyone in the room momentarily before it struck him down. It soon began to slaughter everyone in the room although a few made it out alive through the back door.


Some time later, after the necessary resurrections, everyone was urged to find a safer place to meet and discuss. Back at the Red Wolf Cafe, Tancred soon shared his harrowing tale with the townsfolk and then quietly shared the plan to keep tabs on the latest developments with friends in PaxLair.


He later also met with Daria Blackmoore of Guardian's Gate to share the plan as well and so, across the realm, the covert network to monitor "King Casca" had commenced and begun to grow...

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