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[News] PaxLair 11th Anniversary Celebration

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PaxLair Statehood - January 15, 2009

The 11th Anniversary of PaxLair Celebration starts on January 16th and concludes on January 19th. PaxLair was founded on January 19, 1998 in a quiet meadow west of the crossroads of Yew, Minoc, and Britain and the Compassion Shrine on Felucca.

PaxLair, now a Statehood of three cities, continues to be a vibrant community of several races of beings like humans, elves, orcs, and savages. The three cities are PaxLair City (Felucca), Dragons Watch (Felucca), and PaxOku (Tokuno). PaxLair's tenets of Peace, Neutrality, and Role-playing continue to guide the community through the years.

Annually, PaxLair runs a celebration to honor people and ideas of the past, present, and future. This 11th Anniversary is no exception. Each city sponsors a day of the celebration to hold events.

The 11th PaxLair Anniversary Schedule is as follows.:

  • Friday, January 16 - Dragons Watch Day - (Gates are provided from the Skara Brae Bank, Trammel (near the bank))

    • 9 PM ET - Darts, Archery, Vorpal Bunnies
    • 12 AM ET midnight (Jan 17) - Event


    [*]Saturday, January 17 - PaxOku Day - (Proceed to the Homare-jima, Tokuno moongate and head NE up the road into PaxOku)

    • 3 PM ET - City Play "Neo's Day Out in 1997" - new Yew Playhouse - gates from PaxOku Blue Light Tavern
    • 7 PM ET - Crafters Hall Event (repairs, goods, conversation)
    • 7 PM ET - Tour of PaxOku and Kijustsu Anei
    • 8 PM ET - Capture PaxOku (alliance PVP for Capture the Flag type rules)
    • 9:30 PM ET - Savage Hunt at Tokuno Champ Spawn


    [*]Sunday, January 18 - PaxLair City Day - (Gates are provided from the Skara Brae Bank, Trammel (near the bank))

    • 7 PM ET - Event
    • 8 PM ET - Event


    [*]Monday, January 19 - Statehood Day - (Gates are provided from the Skara Brae Bank, Trammel (near the bank))

    • 7 PM ET - Dragons Watch Tour led by Mayor NANOC
    • 9 PM ET - Anniversary Dinner prepared by Lenora - PaxLair City, Felucca

      • Statehood Speech by Governor Winfield

Everyone is welcome at the PaxLair Anniversary!




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