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Cheap suit challenge

- - - - - challenge cheap suit

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3 questions:

1) Is this legal? Kill-trading is frowned on in most MMOs. Is UO different?

2) Don't you have to *keep* the requisite rank to continue to wear faction gear? Or is it just to buy it in the first place?

3) 10k silver an hour? Really? How the heck do you do that? Killing daemons with no competition I can take out about 2 a minute with a moderately well-geared ABC archer (counting the time to run to the next daemon and re-aquire). That's 3600 silver an hour, which I thought was pretty close to a realistic limit. How are you doing 10k an hour?



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That could be easier or harder, depending on the shard.

If you know where to go on Europa, for example (the guild HLP will help with that, after all, it's their vendor's I'm talking about), you can find a frequently stocked vendor with low-to-mid range items for dirt cheap. For example, I bought a 100% LRC suit from them (Thanks Minerva!) with decent resists and some LMC for less than 100k gold. My weapons on Europa almost all say "crafted by Paidric."

I think I should repost my guide to powergaming a swordsman somewhere (with revisions for things I've learned). The methods most people use are rather slow if you insist on staying at your computer.

Well if you hit a luck sculpture, which I think I did not mention in my last post (my apologies if that is the case) you end up getting better loot from earth eles and rat archers than you do from vendors (stuff you'd probably buy for as much as 25k on some shards can easily be obtainable as loot).

My LRC suit is a combo of buying and acquiring, but I've found, as I go shard to shard, it's very easy to acquire everything for free if you're willing.

Of course, a luck sculpture helps the oldies like me out the most :P

oh i should also mention, it just seems so much easier when you make a dexxer first to support the mage (since 1997 lol), especially since parry is so easy to gain in this game and once you hit 70 physical and 100 parry, there are so many options for cash from non-spell casters it is insane, plus with luck from sculpture, you have great odds of getting the invul shield for a mage, etc.

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