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Peerless Boss loot..

- - - - - boss loot peerless

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2 replies to this topic

Aeryr Silverleaf

Aeryr Silverleaf

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Im just wondering how is this loot sorted out? Does having luck improve what you get? Is it sorted out by how much damage you get? or is it just random?



    UOForums Price-checker

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1) Peerless loot, like other loot, is affected by luck. That means you have the standard chance for a bump in the number of items and a bump in the quality of the items.

2) After doing dozens of Dreadhorns, I don't believe the special loot drop rate is affected by luck. There are always X number of special items, with a very small (~1%) chance of the rarest appearing. You cannot believe how many spellweaving scrolls I've gotten in lieu of the good stuff!

3) Anyone who earns looting rights gets a share of the loot. Based on the way gold gets divided, I'd say it is a percentage based on your total damage. I don't have any facts, just speculation.




    Aneirin - UP - VTC

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1 & 2: Agreed completely

3: The rest of the loot, once the loot upgrade based on luck is determined, is completely based on ... well... luck. Real life luck, that is. It's all random as to who gets what.

Take for example our Travesty expedition the other day:
Two of us brought dragons (you and Leila), I brought my beetle/mare and the other two people cast energy vortexes. That being the case, I was far and away the highest damage dealer (fact of life with beetle/mare/words of death.), yet I got complete junk for my portion of the loot. In the mean time, the mark and the eye went to a mage and a different tamer respectively.

Contrary-wise, in our Mel runs on the same day, I was just the healer and I cast words of death at the end of the fight to barely get looting rights. And the loot I got from her were definite keeper-items.

But that's the trend I see on a regular basis. The amount of loot is determined by the luck on the top damager (which is why honor is so important in these battles), but who gets what loot is determined completely randomly.

(Besides, If I were coding the loot distribution, I'd do just that myself. It makes sense that way. On the other hand, making sense doesn't seem to be a requirement for UO code)

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