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How do you train wrestling?

- - - - - train wrestling

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4 replies to this topic

Aeryr Silverleaf

Aeryr Silverleaf

    Advanced Member

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Never really worked this skill before and wondering how do you train it? Like what do I wrestle with to get gains at certain levels?

Tancred RedStar

Tancred RedStar

    Balron Snack

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The one time I trained it, I found an unarmed warrior in the Jhelom Arena Pit.

Here is some more info that I hope can help:




    Advanced Member

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My favorite way to train any weapon skill (ie wrestling) is to buy up as high as you can in New Haven and then take the quest for Wrestling from the NPC then you get excellerated gains up to 50 in old haven. All you do then is fight undead in old haven till you reach 50 then the rest like any other weapon skill...



    Aneirin - UP - VTC

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The Kei Wa method:

Get at least 60 spellweaving on a character. Use the spell dryad allure to get yourself a sparring partner.

From 0-40 skill: buy it
From 40-60: orcs or titans
From 60-80: Trolls
From 80-100: Cyclopses or ogre lords
From 100-120: (Frosty) ogre lords

Use commands "all stop" "all stay" and heal them as needed

The "I have extra taming skill" method:

From 0-40: buy it
From 40-70: Gaman
From 70 onward: A trained pet, preferrably a cu sidhe, but it can be anything.

The I have extra taming skill short-cut:
From 0-40: buy it
From 40 onward: Anything, really. Even a horse would do. The trick is to train the horse on other things then while you're training the horse, wrestle with it. For example, have the horse attack an earth elemental, then attack the horse and heal it (preferrably using mini-heals)

The I have a provoker method: Provoke-wrestle-kill the winner

The best method (I can't use this one, darnit, not enough character slots)
Use a skill trainer character and a soul stone. Your skill trainer has good resists, VERY high dexterity (120 minimum, 140 or more for max benifit) and healing skill. Use one of the above methods or just going out and wrestling things to get to as high as you want.
My favorite trainer monsters:
0-40: buy it
40-50: New Haven
50-70: Tokuno Champ Spawn or Despise Lizard men
70-90: earth elementals (summoned or wild)
90+: Yomotsu, fan dancers, rotten corpses, Ogre lords, etc.



    UOForums Price-checker

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The Spellweaving method works particularly well. If you combine it with the Satyr discord trick in Twisted Weald, you will gain much faster.


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