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heartwood fletchers kit...

- - - - - fletchers heartwood kit

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just got my first one :) what kind of wood and bows would you guys use?

Lord Target

Lord Target

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Congratulations! :)

I'd use ash for the ssi and whatnot, people may use different stuff though.

It's also important to note that you may [or may not, depending on if the RNG likes you and you use it to craft bows] benefit more from selling it than using it. I tried to make a bow I considered "somewhat nice" on Test Center with the 99-thousand some use heartwood kit....I probably made over 250 bows [of differing types] until I found something I'd use on a regular basis.

Equate this into heartwood runics and the fact I'm not really picky about weapons other than they need be usable, I would have used about 17 of them on a production shard to get the same results. :X

Not to say you couldn't sell the 'junk' ones on a regular shard for quite a bit of gold, but there were a bunch of utterly worthless ones that somehow rolled into Life Leech or Hit Harm. Who needs Hit Harm on a bow when you're going to be standing well away from what you're attacking?

Again, this depends on what you'll be using it for.

Specials are ok and all, but the faster the better as far as bows go.

I'd take a reptile slayer magic shortbow over a horselord any day of the week for instance.

Tho, I'd use a Fletching exceptional with fletching bonus talisman to make anything with sufficient difficulty, as you still fail a lot [and you don't wanna fail if you're burning that kit] at GM on certain weapons [heavy crossbows for instance].

Any other fletchers on here? I'm afraid my results on TC weren't really hopeful enough to inspire me.:P

I'd personally use magic shortbows and crossbows, but this also depends on if you want to carry 2 different types of ammo or not.




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I think the TC is the best advise one could give on issue. With the amount of wood and charges on the runics you can create 100 of each wood type and bow type to get a feel of what to expect. That will help you use the real one with the best hope of result you might expect and enjoy. But based upon similair results I havent burned 4 barbed kits due to the experience. In one way, when TC gave you the same amount of charges as the PS runics the results were much worse to take. hehehehe. Some of the armor I made could have been made with a reg sewing kit.



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I got two decent bows from the last Heartwood kit I had, and I still use both of them. Guess I was lucky. Try to get as good a fletching talisman as you can lay your hands on!

I like ash, yew and heartwood for my fletching, and prefer crossbows. They're slow, but they've got both conc and mortal on them. Very useful.

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