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Show you UO Age.

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UO memories lets see here...

Played on Great Lakes shard so a lot of these will have to do shard based.

-Earliest PKing blues with vanqs and then selling them back to the blues at brit bank on my mule.

-Brit bank in general. Being able to teleport on the roof meant you were a badass.

-Hitting GM taming. Holy god was that annoying skill to raise.

-(On Legends) Harrower with 10 guildies holding off two guilds manning about 20 each for 4 hours while we waited for our tamer to login.

-Getting hired by O*E to destroy BC. Madhatcher breaking keyboards!

-Raiding "PVP Practice" by O*E on top of yew jail with 2 v 6ish.

-Shadow armord swamp dragons or you were gay.

-Telebugging (got me banned god damn peon)

- [-R-] fun times

- Bucs den server line jumping

- Being the one faction theif who had decent gear right before i got banned.

- GM changing my theifs name from Giant Cajones to Yanice wtf is Yanice

- Lady Lava selling horses at Brit Bank

- MOA Auctions

- When the new guild system first came out joining guilds and pking guildies untill getting kicked. Lots of loots.

-SE coming out and me going Samuris For real? WTFUX and quitting

-Coming back a year later seeing the game change to much and quitting again.

-Getting my first artifact (ornament of the magician)

-Making my first 100mil

-Failing rolling for a 120 eval scroll 2 years straight

-Being the only person in the guild without 120 eval for like 6 months

-4/6 Casting was gay

-Black Dye tubs rare = awesome

-Black Sandals were pro.

-Getting a cable connection in 1999 and owning face = lawl

-Getting a 3 day ban for speed hacking while really having a cable modem

--Holy crap this list was kinda long walking down memory lane. Obviously not in order.

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