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[May contain spoilers ] Gossamer Spawn Rate

- - - - - gossamer rate spawn spoilers

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Mark Trail started a discussion in this thread

The Sicarii quest is not done until you get 10 gossamers to spin the big web.

By my calculation that takes 5-10 hours of just sitting there in Sicarii's room waiting for drones to spawn in the corners: Sitting in one corner, a set of drones came about every 15 minutes. Sometimes one of the drones had a gossamer, sometimes none. And sometimes another player was faster and killed all the drones first. That worked out to one gossamer per hour for me.

Don't say, "Learn to kill them faster. Run around to all 4 corners." This is a zero sum game, what I get faster is what somebody else gets slower. The whole quest is jammed up against a slow drone spawn rate. Dumb little gossamers should be easy to get, the big bad spider is the hard part.

Prince Caspian

I got 5 gossamers in under an hour. It wasn't very hard at all... just distract but don't kill Sickie and wait for her to spawn and chop the spawn.


Ms. Lady Lava
I got 10 gossamers in just over an hour on Great Lakes.


Nine Dark Moons took the chance to


i got one gossamer in 80 minutes on atlantic so i gave up and bought the rest from a player vendor so i could get my web and go to bed. i found it very frustrating that after spending a couple hours working my way through the whole quest and dying a few times and running away from things a lot that i had to sit and wait for a rediculously slow spawn. i realize things should be hard, but sicarii was hard enough, as was khaldun. spending more than an hour waiting for spiders to pop out of corner = not fun, especially when most of them don't even have gossamers.


As everyone began to post their successess Sarphus told us

I got 4 gossamers in about 10 minutes, but that's because I play on a low pop shard and I figured out how the spawn works.

To get gossamers, you don't stand around waiting for the arachnids to spawn. They are triggered spawns.

I just tossed a couple ev's on Sicarii and ran around to all the egg sacks to spawn the room with a bunch of the gossamer droppers. Then I invis'd to break aggro and used meteor shower to kill the spawns.

It's not hard.

It would take a little bit longer on a higher pop shard because you have so much competition, but knowing it's a triggered spawn greatly increases your rate of getting gossamers.


Aboo replied why it just MIGHT be harder for some people

Last night before I even realized they had spawned they were all killed. There were several dexers there, a least 1 greater dragon and one cu sidhe, then add the mages into that. I left last night with a hopeless feeling that I would never get my 10 gossamers. I don't mind if it's something I just can't do but when I could do it if it weren't for all the farmers then I get a little irritated!

That is the one thing I liked about the 25K ticket quest. There was no way ANYONE was going to be able to farm what you needed and keep you from getting it.


Rix/\ offered Aboo a simple solution

The Terathan Keep t2a tram .................... nuff said


Seems the reply was lost on Aboo though :reye

If that made any sense to the context of this thread it might be "nuff said", but since in my addled headache state I can't figure it out, would you expound upon this please?


Many more posts of achievements and this from Rix /\

Yes they spawn in terathan keep in t2a but shhhh !!!! it's a secret


Actually, it's a bug
Posted Image Sarphus told Rix /\


and some good news in response to

Originally Posted by Lord Drakelord
well lets hope they DON't fix this one

It will not be fixed. There are a few tweaks on the way as well to give everyone a fair chance at completing their webs in a reasonable amount of time in spite of the hoggers.

Regine_EAMythic UO Associate Game Designer


Very nice! and Thanks Posted Image said Gheed and christy1221


Basara asked

Regine, will those fixes include fixing that door in Terethan Keep so that it can be opened, please?

Even when not part of an event, it being broken is detrimental to play there, and it is something that has been broken since Third Dawn.


as WildWobble wobbled in to say

Would be very nice if you gave oceiana some love and removed the invisible walls that are only pasable with telport from our shard we are always neglected (where is our statue engraveing tool) hmmmmm?????????? and if your not sure log in and see for your self's


Originally Posted by Basara
Regine, will those fixes include fixing that door in Terethan Keep so that it can be opened, please?

Unfortunately, Terathan Keep fixes aren't included for the time being. It's not so much unlocking the door than fixing the mechanism that controls it and generally speaking give some love to the Keep as a whole. This will need to be done at a later time. But as far as the Halloween Quest is concerned, between the upcoming changes in Sicarii's Lair and the current drone spawn in every areas of Tera Keep, you guys should have np getting the gossamer you need.

Originally Posted by WildWobble
Would be very nice if you gave oceiana some love and removed the invisible walls that are only pasable with telport from our shard ...

Which invisible wall?

Regine_EAMythic UO Associate Game Designer


Katlene explained further

when we (oceanians) got to khaldun to go dip the book in the blood (just for area verification) we have some invisible objects to deal with, first one is at the start where you walk in and there are arcane demons red npc's and some imps
the other is passable if you stick to the wall but is in a walk way on the way to the blood pool.


I will post the response next time Regine is on.


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