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Need advice please!

- - - - - advice

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Evening all!

I have recently returned to UO and logged on to my character "Ulrick Moon" on Europa to find i dont know what the hell im doing any more.
Firstly could you help me with my template as it looks all over the place so if you could advise that would be great. I'm looking to go PvM for artis.
Skills so far:

Anatomy: 100.0
Healing: 100.0
Parrying: 110.0
Tactics: 110.0
Bushido: 100.0
Chiv: 80.0
Then theres a combat skills which used to be swords but i started to transfer over to archery.
Any advice on this? Also what should i be hunting for artis these days?

Many thanks

Queen Mum

Queen Mum

    A Cookie A Day Keeps The Blues Away!!!

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i hope a fighter player can help ya ... im not a fighter and my templates are crafters :P

maybe post your question in the UO General Discussion where it might get more attention ...

Good luck and welcome back :)


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well, as having a fighter at one time, i personally don't see any use for bushido with archery, seeing as how it's designed "I think" for hand to hand weapons like swords, maces, and stuff like that, not distance attacks. and as for hunting for arties, not sure, someone else will have to help you with that, i just craft mainly nowadays, and once while go out, attack stuff, get bored and leave before it's dead, hehehe.



    The Dread Pirate Sablestorm

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Actually, I've found many of the spells such as lightning strike and honorable execution work just as well with Archery as they do with melee skills. The healing of confidence is always handy, as well.



    Aneirin - UP - VTC

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That's a great skill-set so far.

My advice:
With parrying, keep swords. With resist instead of parry, keep archery.

Bushido is great with archery, as honor lets your damage double over time (assuming you keep hitting), lightning strike gives double damage about one in four and healing with confidince and bandages together can get you from near no life to full life in 4 seconds (assuming 140 dex).

Parry, however, does not work with bows.

A great all-around template to shoot for given time and money:
120 Archery, Bushido, 80 Chivalry (ABC archer), 40 meditation or focus, 120 Tactics, Healing, Anatomy.

The damage output for that character is insane. You can also drop 20 points of healing for med or focus as well.

Just remember to carry cure potions, a trapped box, orange petals and enchanted apples.



    Lost in the Abyss

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Bushido and archery go together, to quote Forrest Gump, like peas and carrots hehe. The Bush/Chiv archer probably deals more damage per second in a PvM setting than almost any template out there. As Farsight mentioned, I use Lightning Strike, EoO, Consecrate, Confidence, and Momentum Strike a ton. My template, on a 705 skill point character, is as follows:

Archery 115
Bushido 115
Tactics 110
Anatomy 100
Healing 90
Meditation 100 (could substitute resist..I carry a box instead)
Chivalry 75

This account turns two in a couple months and I will take either Bush or Archery up to 120, and then hit the other one the next year. Very, very effective template...I wear 51 HCI, 9 MR and 37 LMC.

Markus Balthazar

Markus Balthazar

    Nerves of steel!!!!

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I have the following template on my bushido archer

Archery 110
Anatomy 100
Tactics 100
Focus 100
Parrying 100
Bushido 110
Healing 100
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