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Question on Vendor Changes ??????????????

- - - - - question vendor

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Also on the 21 st this thread was started by Kyrie Elaison


* Instituted a new Vending Penalty for players who attempt to circumvent the daily vendor charge for their items
o Vending Penalty is the same as the daily charge for the item
o Penalty is applied if the item is removed by the owner before 24 hours has passed since it was added to the vendor
o Penalty is noted on the object as an item property
o If the item is added to a vendor again, the vending penalty is automatically deducted from that vendor’s account, or given back to the player if funds are insufficient
o There is a 30 minute grace period after adding an item to a vendor to prevent accidents: any item removed before 30 minutes passes will not have a vending penalty
o Once 24 hours pass, the item may be removed at any time by the owner without penalty. Re-adding it to the vendor starts the process over again, however

It's been a looooooong day and I want to make sure I am reading this correctly. Are you saying that items placed on a vendor as "Free" will be charged the standard rate as if it were for sale? Or is this only for items where people are using them as storage containers?

I have a few vendors at my house that I only put free stuff on to give to young players and people that want housing decorations. This will ruin those vendors (if I get charged for those items).

Just to add, I think the daily rate for a vendor is too much as it is. Why should I get charged if my vendor is empty? Barkeeps are limited to 2 per house, and I have been using vendors to act as NPC's at my player run establishment. It is very expensive to do this. I would like to see them drop the amount or remove the base daily fee. However, when using them as actual vendors, there should be a charge for the stock and sales.


Kat added

I'm also curious as to what will happen if a vendor owner changes his mind on the price, then immediately [or before 24 hours lapses] takes the item off and re-prices it. Penalty?


o There is a 30 minute grace period after adding an item to a vendor to prevent accidents: any item removed before 30 minutes passes will not have a vending penalty


In response to the OP Draconi replied

Oh, no, not at all. Here, allow me to clarify this:

Right now, its possible to put an item on a vendor for sale for 5,000,000. This item would incur a daily charge of 10,000. However, if the savvy cheater takes the item off their vendor right before the daily charge occurs, and then places it back on, they don't have to pay their fees.

When you stack this effect on a vendor selling dozens and dozens of high-end items, the owner is literally escaping all maintenance costs.

This change will require items that you're charging for (not free) to remain on the vendor for at least 24 hours. If the item is removed before then, by the owner (its fine of course if its sold), then a "Vending Penalty" is placed on the item for the value of its daily charge. The next time the item is placed on a vendor to be sold, the vendor will refuse to sell it unless they can debit that amount from their account.

Also, the vending penalty won't be active for the first half hour, in case someone places an item by mistake, mis-prices it, or suddenly decides to give it away.

After 24 hours, the item won't have a vending penalty if removed by the owner.

Free items will remain free, this is not that sort of change Posted Image

P.S. It wasn't in the patch notes, but the other additional change to vendors is that items placed on the vendor's paperdoll, that are for sale, will charge the correct amount daily (which it has not, up to now).

Tim "Draconi" Cotten -
Lead Designer -
Ultima Online - EA Mythic


Ai wanted to double check

'The next time the item is placed on a vendor to be sold...'

- This means on any vendor, yes? And it is not account exclusive is it?

I buy an item at the bank for 100 million.
Seller had tried to sell it for 100 million on his vendor and pulled it after 22 hours.
Now, I try to sell the item on my vendor for 110 million.
Will I be charged 200,000 gp before I can put it for sale on my vendor?

That's about the only thing I'm noticing that might cause some to get upset.
Yet, I would rather it be universal on all vendors & all accounts rather than see people swapping vendors or using alternate accounts in attempts to avoid the fees.


You've got it laid out perfectly.

The main thing is that if the guy at the bank is going to sell you an item for 100 mil, it will have a highly visible tag on it (mouse-over) that says what the vending penalty would be.

In that case, you could figure in the cost of the vending penalty in your negotiations to buy the item at the bank with said person, then still sell it on your own vendor for the 10mil profit.

Tim "Draconi" Cotten -
Lead Designer - Ultima Online - EA Mythic


Yesterday with the changes still causing issues for some players,PomPom asked.

How about this issue: I have a vendor for runes to my shop only. They are on there for 12gp each (the default amount, I didn't price them that way). Since the publish, this vendor is now charging me over 30K a day in vendor fees. Huh? There are not that many runes on it, and even at full it would never total that. I checked each rune to make sure there wasn't a mistake in price, there is not.

How can I get this fixed? I have other vendors that have very costly items on them and the fees aren't even that high!

Help Draconi? Jeremy? Someone?


In answer DevilWoman replied

Pom Pom, if you haven't added anything to your vendor since the publish went live yesterday (since that's when the game started the timer) then you should try stripping everything off the vendor, including clothing and any items he's holding. See what your charge is then. If it's still out-of-line, you could try paging a GM to fix it (not the solution I would recommend unless you just like waiting around in game for possibly no help at all) or drop the vendor and replace him (this is what I would do).

If, once stripped of everything, the vendor fees look right then take a look a the stuff he was wearing and holding to see if some of those had prices on them. I know I once took an item off a vendor to have him hold, intending it to no longer be for sale, but going straight from the vendor pack to his hand did not remove the price.


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