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Fright Fest: The Haunting Begins!

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Let's start the 1st Annual Ultimate Online Forums Fright Fest. Post your scariest video you can find... and let's make this a Halloween topic worth remembering!


Let's get the haunting off to a scream! =)




One video per post and per person please. Choose your favorite video by clicking the Thanks button at the bottom of each post. The winner will be the poster with the most thanks, and the winner will receive a free GameXbar tee shirt. Contest ends Sunday at 11:59pm PST.


And no... my entry is not eligible. :o ;)


UOToolbar.org news item - UOF Fright Fest: The Haunting.

GameXbar.com news item - UOF Fright Fest: The Haunting.

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If you don't watch TAPS Ghost Hunters on SciFi, I suggest you do it if you are interested in the paranormal. These guys don't go in to prove a haunting... they go in to disprove it. What they cannot disprove, they think may be paranormal. This is a clip of the top ten moments as of 2007. Number 7 is kinda freaky to me...


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The competition was ferocious, the hanging chads made the counting of the votes daunting, but the true champion of Ultimate Online Forums came out on top. ;)


Congratulations to Adri (UOF member & forum legend)... you are the winner of the 2008 Ultimate Online Forums Fright Fest! =)


You will be receiving a $30 USD gift certificate from the GameXbar Gear Store at CafePress in your email... so you can pick out the GameXbar T-shirt or merchandise of your choice.


News item - UOF Fright Fest: Adri Wins!.

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