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Your thoughts: Loot Rolls

- - - - - loot rolls thoughts

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This is not about right or wrong, I am just curious what others think about the different systems, and items distrobution in general.

Friday night I joined a group doing Great Barrows. All kin group except for me being run through with a 50 minstrel. I was the only heavy armor wearing character present, and was a but surprised to be rolling against almost everyone. Scholar mats, I was interested in these, as my guardian is a scholar. I thought I was just unlucky but soon realized I was the only one rolling greed. I asked, and found that only one other person present was actually a scholar.

I generally find the need/greed system to work poorly unless it is discussed prior to beginning the adventure.

I normally use either roll/pass or free for all when with kin members. If someone wants something, usually all they have to do is ask. 95% of what I pick up is vendor trash, so I will gladly pass it over. Even single use recipes and such are given around freely, as it will usually benefit the kinship in some way.

My understanding of Need/Greed:

Need is something the character rolling can/will use right now (or in the next level or 2). Greed is the intent to sell the item or pass it to an alt.

In pug groups, I tend to do the same. I am usually focused on quest completion, and anything extra in my bags at the end is gravy. However, it is the principle of the matter that bugs me. My guardian would NEVER roll on light/medium armor or a weapon that wasn't an upgrade to what I was currently using. Same goes for mats/recipes for professions I do not have. All of that seems to fit into the greed category. The problem is, many don't see it that way.

I do all my item farming either solo, or with my kinship so this is all just to satisfy my curiosity. I wasn't angry about the Barrows loot. I am just glad I got the quests done. It just got me thinking about how other people decide which button to push when there is loot to be shared.

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I run need/greed in the same way that you do - ever since Ereborna showed me the option was actually there - and have found myself giving a brief preamble before groups start as to how we are rolling on crafting mats, etc.

I've usually seen it work in groups where I've had the choice to turn it on, otherwise it's mostly been the roll/pass or free for all.
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Greedy behavior is something I associate with PUGs. I dont see that with the normal ppl I run with. Any of them, would just ask, and it's theirs. Besides... I cant say no to Eowyna. :)


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